17 Weeks Pregnant with Twins

Here’s what to expect when you are 17 weeks pregnant with twins:

Fetal Development

By 17 weeks in the twin pregnancy each of your twins is about 5″ (13 cm) from head to rump. They will each average the following measurements:

Head circumference: 5.5″ (140 mm)
Abdominal Circumference: 4.75″ (121 mm)
Femur Bone Length (about from the waist to knee): 0.9″ (23 mm)

Each baby is about the size of a pear.

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What to Expect

Typical weight gain for Mom at this point is between 1 to 1.5 pounds/week (0.5 to 0.7kg).

Pictures and Video

Here’s an ultrasound video of what you might see at 17 weeks pregnant with twins:

Belly picture at 17 weeks:
17 Weeks Pregnant with Twins Belly
Picture by Jason Carter

What to Prepare This Week

When Mom is 17 weeks pregnant with twins, you need to remind yourself that you need to help Mom stay healthy during this pregnancy. Be her helper, assistant, and reminder of what the doctor has told her she needs to be doing. Get in this habit now so that when possible bed rest comes later, you’ve established a good routine of care.

From Your Fellow Parents at 17 Weeks Pregnant with Twins

Charles – “Mom has more energy than previous weeks. She is forgetful, has constipation and excessive salivation which she hasn’t had before. Felt some pain or itching in her thigh. But in all, it was way better than the previous weeks.”

Dad’s Thoughts

By the time Mom reaches 17 weeks pregnant with twins, she might be feeling the babies moving around. Unfortunately, you still can’t on the outside. It is exciting to hear her describe the fluttering feeling but also disappointing when you so desperately want to feel them yourself.

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