33 Ways You Can Use Baby Wet Wipes

Joe Rawlinson by Joe Rawlinson - July 24, 2020

You thought you only bought those baby wet wipes to help with diaper changes. It turns out those little wet wipes come in handy anywhere you go.

Baby Wipes

Here are some ways you can use baby wet wipes:

  1. Wipe off the kitchen counter
  2. Clean up the spilled liquid off the floor
  3. Wipe up that mess around the toilet when your kid misses
  4. Clean hands in the car
  5. Clean kids’ hands when they refuse to wash in the sink
  6. Get bird poop off your car windshield or hood
  7. Get bird poop off swings or slides at the playground
  8. Wipe off the insect repellent from your kids once they are done playing outside
  9. Swipe away the sweat from your face on a hot summer day
  10. Sanitize after using a public bathroom with the kids, especially if there was no soap
  11. Wipe sticky food/residue off of toys
  12. Get the dirt off your hands after you just loaded up your truck with mulch at the home improvement store
  13. Dislodge crusty boogers from around your kids’ nostrils
  14. Wipe off the dog or duck poop you stepped in while playing with the kids at the park
  15. De-stickify the outside of your kids’ water bottles
  16. Remove the residue that always seems to appear on your deck furniture
  17. Dust your hard surface furniture
  18. Remove dirt, grime, stains, and crayons from your walls
  19. Help clean up a skinned knee
  20. Quickly clean up the bathroom surfaces before guests arrive
  21. Remove the grease and dirt from your hands after you worked on the car
  22. Clean off your car’s dashboard
  23. Remove make-up
  24. Sanitize your computer keyboard
  25. Clean the handprints and smudges your kids leave on the car windows
  26. Clean up after play-doh, glue sticks, and washable markers
  27. Wipe down doorknobs and switch plates
  28. Don’t forget to have one or two handy after you finish that Chick-fil-A!
  29. Wipe up spit-up from the leather couches
  30. As a bullfighter’s cape when your rowdy toddlers want to be the bull
  31. Hasty wipe down of the table after you’ve been seated at the restaurant but before your server appears
  32. Compress to soothe fevered brows
  33. Cleaning up twin bums after your twins have synchronized poops

What would you add to the list? What is your favorite use of wet wipes?

Picture by Kim Love

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  1. Sounds like #30 is a more personal experience.

    They are also really good at getting some small stains out of carpet and furniture before they dry.


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