5 Non-TV Ways to Keep Siblings Busy While You Tend to the Twins

Joe Rawlinson by Joe Rawlinson - February 8, 2013

If you are lucky enough to have young children in the house when twins join your family, you get the bonus of an extra adventure.

Child Playing With Toys

A big challenge in this case is: how do you keep the older kids busy while you tend to the babies?

Here are some things you can have your twins’ older siblings do to keep them busy while you tend to the twins.

Get Helpers

The best option for your older children is to get a family member or friend to come help you. The extra person can play with or entertain the older kids while you tend to the twins. Consider even getting a babysitter to come over and help you when things get crazy. During the summer months, it is typically easier to recruit school-age kids to help since they are available during the day.

Kid Swap

Talk to other parents and see if you can swap kids. They take your kids one day and you take theirs the next. If your older kids can play independently with friends, having the extra kids in the house may not be a big deal. In fact, if they are so busy playing, it will seem easier than when you just have your kids running around.

Something New

Kids are always distracted by something new. This is a trick we use when we travel on long trips. Pull out a new toy, book, or activity that the kids haven’t seen or haven’t done in a while. This will likely keep their attention for at least a few minutes while you tend to the twins.

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Have Them Help

If your young children can physically help with caring for the twins, let them help! Our oldest son was 3 years old when our twin daughters where born. He loved to help by bringing us burp clothes or diapers or picking things up so we didn’t have to bend down with a babe in arms. Take advantage of the often selfless desires and love your older siblings have for their newborn twin siblings.

Before you need your kids’ help, make sure that you teach and show them how to do the job you need before the actual need arises. This way they are prepared and ready to help when the moment arises.


Our kids are always the most quiet and still when they are eating. Keep a supply of healthy snacks available to distract your kiddos when you have to take care of the twins.

Try some of these options and you’ll buy yourself a least a few moments to tend to a fussy baby, change a diaper, or feed your newborn twins.

What have you found that works with keeping your other children occupied while tending to your newborn twins?

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