7 Ways Infant Twins Are Fun to Take Out In Public

Joe Rawlinson by Joe Rawlinson - October 30, 2019

While it may feel like infant twins keep you stuck at home every day, the reality is that when you do go out in public, it is usually a noteworthy adventure.

Any trip you take to the store, church, or park will merit superstar status.

Twins in Public

1. Special Treatment

Carrying twins around, one in each arm, or pushing them in their twin stroller is a perfect way to get special treatment. People will open doors for you. Others will move out of your way. You may even be able to cut in line. Enjoy the special treatment.

2. Strangers Talk to You

Odds are you can go to the store without kids and no one even notices you. With twins, everyone (even a total stranger) is your friend and wants to ask you twenty questions about your twins. Be prepared for the same questions every time and especially ones that would seem a little private. For example, “Did you have in vitro?”

3. People Stare

Most of the time you spend in public will be with people watching your every move. They are fascinated because you and your twins are an anomaly. There are two babies. There’s a twin stroller. “Oh, how do they manage!”

4. People Point

Your mom probably told you that pointing was rude. Well, obviously there was some unwritten exemption for when you see twins. Don’t be surprised to see people across the room smiling and pointing in your direction.

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5. Personal Space

Twins have some magnetic power about them that attracts complete strangers and invites said strangers to get a little too close to you and your babies. People will act like they are the twins’ own grandparents and try to tickle or pinch your twins and make cooing baby noises at short range.

If you’re not comfortable with this, be prepared to position yourself between your twins and their admirers.

6. Your Twins Are Cute

Nothing makes a twin parent more proud than having dozens of people tell you how cute your twins are. Assuming that your twins are cute (they are, right?) you’ll get public reminders of their beauty every time you go out in public.

7. Praise

Many people will admire your ability to have twins and care for them. They will claim that they couldn’t do it or even give you a “God Bless You” in parting.

It is nice to be verbally recognized for the challenge of having twins. You deserve it!

Already strolling around with your twins? What do you enjoy most about the public recognition?

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10 thoughts on “7 Ways Infant Twins Are Fun to Take Out In Public”

  1. What? You get special treatment? I have three kids under three and my twins don’t walk yet. I’m amazed that people never stop to help me when I’m trying to open a door with a double stroller. But the rest I totally agree with, especially the pointing and questions.

    • @Twingle Mommy – Sorry you don’t have any luck with people helping you in public. People are pretty friendly down here in Texas. Perhaps if you block the door, people will be forced to see the need and offer a hand. πŸ™‚

  2. I’m in Texas, originally from California, and the people in Texas are definitely more friendly. I get stopped all the time or people offer help with doors. I went to visit family in California for a few weeks and hardly anyone came up to me at all. It was so wierd after having almost everyone stop and talk to me before. Texans are friendly. Californians just mind their own business. It kind of made me miss Texas after about a week actually.

  3. Haha I totally agree with this article. My 2 month old twins get this “superstar” treatment whenever we take them out to the store, mall, church, etc. I get the looks, points, stranger conversations, & “God bless you”s especially when we tag our 3 year old along in her stroller. I do love it though!

  4. Friends brother had triplets followed by twins and ended up with 5 kids under the age of 18 months – now that is Superstar status when they went out !

  5. I have 11 month old boys. Lewis and Logan. They were 15 weeks early and were in nicu for 21 weeks. These boys were superstars in my area before they even got home. Everyone had really got behind them praying and wishing well. We live in Scotland and my experience has been really positive. Especially at beginning when boys were tiny and both on oxygen so I would have twin pram plus 2 oxygen tanks a massive twin bag and usually just me out wandering. It’s fab. Only thing is it’s takes an hour for a 10 min shop as everyone wants to talk to them and see them. I don’t mind though. I’m so proud I love it when people want to talk to them. I would say people help with doors etc 9/10 times as of course u always get 1 person who is either distracted by their own life or just plain ignorant.


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