A Twin Dad’s Ideal Baby Shower: Think Food

Joe Rawlinson by Joe Rawlinson - October 9, 2023

Most baby showers produce cute clothes and maybe some diapers. And if you’re lucky, you’ll have a few people actually shop off your twin baby registry list. While all of these things are necessary, let’s face it, they don’t directly help you, the twin dad.

A Twin Dad's Ideal Baby Shower: Think Food

Think about your circles of friends. You may get offers for baby showers from coworkers, church, friends, or from your neighbors.

While there are dozens of twin baby shower ideas out there, if you have more than one kind soul offer to give you a baby shower, ask that one of them be a Frozen Meal Shower. It may sound a little odd, but it’s very worth it.

Guests can either buy something in the frozen food section of the grocery store and gift it to you, or they can make something homemade and bring it to you to freeze for later.

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If adequate storage space in your freezer is a concern, it’s worth addressing in one way or another. Do you have funds and space to buy an extra freezer? If not, do you have a friend or two nearby that could store some freezer meals for you?

This was the biggest lifesaver for us when our twins arrived. It was one of the primary reasons we made it through the first three to four months postpartum. (Not that we had that many meals stored, but every meal lasted our little family 2-3 days!)

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The Frozen Meal Shower is a twin dad’s best friend. During the end of twin pregnancy, your wife may very well be on bed rest. A freezer meal is something that even you, dad, can cook.

And once the twins arrive, both you and your wife will be so tired and exhausted you won’t be able to think straight. You need to make sure you are eating well. Skip all the food preparations and throw the frozen meal in the oven or microwave. Problem solved.

You won’t eat well when twins arrive unless you are ready. Stock the freezer now!

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Baby showers are great. But what about dad? When you're expecting twins, a baby shower can really set you up to be prepared - if you do them right. Here's the best twin baby shower tip that will make Dad happy.

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