Advantages of Having Twins (All the Pros of Twin Parenting)

Joe Rawlinson by Joe Rawlinson - July 28, 2022

Twins are a lot of work. So it is only fair that you likewise get some advantages of having twins.

Advantages of Having Twins

One Pregnancy Two Babies

Any pregnancy is a heavy burden on Moms. Although a twin pregnancy is prone to more complications, the net result is a two-for-one deal. My wife really liked this advantage of having twins: only one pregnancy but you get two babies.

Take all the heartburn, bed rest, uncomfortable sleeping, and misery of a pregnancy and go through it just once.

In less than 9 months, Mom can deliver two babies that otherwise would have taken 18 months total to nurture to delivery. You instantly grow your family with twins.

Your Kids Always Have a Friend

Our girls have been each other’s constant companions since they were born. With twins, your kids have a built-in friend that is always available to play with (or bother, for that matter).

Yes, this will lead to Wrestlemania style fights but also adorable moments of siblings peacefully playing together.

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Since they will always be playing with each other, twins learn to share early and often.

Get Through Rough Periods at Same Time

All children go through difficult periods of growth that challenge the parents. Look at some of the phases your twins will go through at the same time:

  • endless diapers
  • short sleep cycles
  • teething
  • potty training
  • learning to eat solid foods

The advantage here, for example, is that once you’re done with diapers, you’re done (At least until your next kid arrives!). Difficult phases with your twins happen simultaneously instead of being spread out over time and repeated with each child individually.

Double Tax Deduction

In the United States, and some other countries, you get tax benefits from having children. When you have two babies at once, you get double the tax deduction. This is one of the few financial advantages of having twins.

When you think about the tax savings, try not to consider how much extra money you’ll be spending on diapers, formula, and extra clothing and supplies for your twins. That will quickly offset all the tax savings. After all, there is a reason they give you the deduction in the first place.

Lots of Hugs

One of my favorite advantages of having twins is that I can get double the hugs from my girls. I love coming home and having both of them run up to me and give me big hugs.

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Even when one of my girls is in a bad mood, the other will typically still like me enough to talk to me or give me a hug.

It is really fun as a dad to sit both girls on my lap and read them stories at the same time.

Twin Gender Predictor Calculator

Double the Chores

Once your twins get old enough to do basic chores around the house, you’ll have double the helpers! Of course, they will also likely be making double the mess but if you can get them to clean up their mess and help around the house, you’re golden.

You’re in an Elite Group

As a father of twins, you are in an elite fraternity. Not many people have twins. Enjoy being famous with your twins when you are out in public. Enjoy the compliments and comments.

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In addition to the benefits of having twins, there are also advantages of having twins first and the advantages of having twins after other children.

What Are Your Favorite Advantages of Having Twins?

When you consider your experience with twins, what are some of your favorite advantages of having twins? Please share them in the comments, I’d love to hear them.

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4 thoughts on “Advantages of Having Twins (All the Pros of Twin Parenting)”

  1. As a mother of twins, I’m so with you on the hidden advantages. I like to think that one of the best advantages is that they’re in the same age group, so their always on the same team! I asked my boys what they thought the biggest advantages to twins was, and they (being seven) said: “he likes my fart jokes.” Take care and enjoy your twins 🙂

  2. My twins are almost nine and the best advantage at this stage is that they are on the same sports team. They play club soccer and AAU basketball so we have a lot of time commitments. I can’t image having two kids on to separate teams per sports! It defiantly saves a lot of time that is very precious these days!

    • @Holly – having both twins in the same sports and activities is almost essential to make all the logistics even possible. Thanks for sharing what is working with your family!


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