19 Twin Dads Share: Twin Parenting Advice You Can’t Ignore

Joe Rawlinson by Joe Rawlinson - September 13, 2023

Twin Dads Tweet: Twin Parenting Advice You Can’t IgnoreI reached out on Twitter to several fathers of twins and asked them a simple question:

“What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received about raising twins?”

These dads responded with a treasure trove of wisdom in short, easy to digest tweets.

Below you’ll find their responses and my take on their advice. Enjoy!

Prepare Yourself Physically

Having and raising twins is physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausting. If you are still expecting, now is the time to get into shape and prepare your body for the trials ahead. My arms got stronger holding my twins. But it would’ve helped if I was in better shape before then too!

Reset Your Expectations

Not a lot will get done in the first months with twins beside keeping them alive. Your work, social, and other commitments will take a back seat to your number one priority: your twins.

Newborn Twins = Survival Mode

When you don’t sleep for longer than 2 hours at a time, you start to run out of energy. Your mission in the infant months of twins is to survive. Keep yourself and your babies alive and on track. Keep an eye on the light at the end of the tunnel. It does get better, day by day and month by month.

One on One Time

Just because you have two at once doesn’t mean they are one. Make regular time to spend alone with each of your twins. This one-on-one time will help you get to know them better and build strong, lasting relationships.

Sleep Now (and When You Can)

Your best chance to sleep as a father of twins is before they are born. Sleep well leading up to delivery so you have a fresh start to twin parenthood. Once the twins are born, you’ll need to get creative in getting the sleep you need.

Foster Individuality

Your twins are definitely individuals. Talk about them as individuals and not a pair. This will help foster their individuality.

Patient Parenting

Take a deep breath and relax. Your patience will be tried over and over as you hit challenges of raising twins. Be patient. Love your twins and it will work out.


Can one person raise twins by his or herself? Yes. Will it be easy? No. You and your spouse need to build a strong partnership in caring for your twins. Plus it helps to recruit other helpers too.

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It Gets Better

The fog and haze of caring for infant twins will distort your reality. Things are getting better each day and you will survive this. Hang in there!

Swaddle Up

Miracle blankets (or any means of swaddling your twins) will help soothe them and get to sleep more easily. We swaddled our babies for about three to four months.

Twin Gender Predictor Calculator

Finding a local twin parent or multiples group will give you access to other parents that have been there, done that, and can give you advice on what you’re currently struggling with.

Time Management

Your schedule and priorities will get turned upside down with twins. This includes eating. You’ll be so busy caring for your babies that you won’t have much time to prepare and eat meals. Stock your freezer with ready to eat meals and don’t forget yourself!

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Don’t Compare

It is very easy to compare your twins to each other. Keep in mind that even identical twins will be different. Each twin reaches milestones at different times so focus on each individually and their progress.

Find a Friend

You don’t have to do the twin journey alone. Find a friend that you can not only ask for help but who understands what you are going through and knows how to enjoy a few free moments.

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You Don’t Know What Will Happen

Prepare the best you can for your twins but also be prepared for the unexpected. As soon as you get your twins in a good routine, they will hit some new challenge and everything is different again. Expect the unexpected. Roll with the punches.

Enjoy the Journey

Congratulations, you’ve got twins. That is an elite club. Find joy in the journey and treasure the daily moments with your children.

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