29 Twin Moms Tell it Like it Is: How Dad Can Best Support Mom

Joe Rawlinson by Joe Rawlinson - April 14, 2016

I asked several mothers of twins on Twitter a simple question:

Twin Moms Tell it Like it Is: How Dad Can Best Support Mom

“Based on your experience as a twin mom, what’s one thing dad can do to best support his partner/spouse on their twin journey?”

These twin moms responded with a boatload of wisdom in short, easy to digest tweets.

Read their responses below and take their advice because it works!

Take Both Twins

Odds are your wife is caring for the twins almost the entire day. You need to take your turn and ease her burden. Give mom a break and you’ll all be better for it.

Be the Cheerleader, Coach, and Counselor

Keeping perspective is really hard when you are sleep deprived and in the trenches of twin child care. Encourage your wife and do all you can to support her as she mothers your twins.

Work the Night Shift

Nothing says “I love you” like taking the night shift with your twins. You need to take turns and equally carry the responsibilities of caring for your twins. Nighttimes provide a great opportunity for you to share the load. Take the entire night or break it up into shifts so you can each get some rest.

Proactively Help With Everything

Being a parent of twins requires both parents to give their all. You must be present and always helping. There is always work to do. Step up and do it!

Take Care of the Other Children

If you have other children in addition to twins (like we do), you’ll need to split responsibilities between all of them. Take turns caring for the twins and the siblings so everyone gets the attention they need.

Let Mom Sleep

The greatest gift you can give your sweetheart is to let her rest. Find time for her to get a nap. Take care of the twins during the night so she can rest a bit longer. You get the idea: give her as much sleep as possible.

Find Your Daddy Duty

I loved to help with bath time for our kids. It was something I could do and it gave my wife a break. Find your activity/chore/job that you can help with.

Get Help

Raising twins is hard. The more help you get, the better. This could come in the form of family, friends, or paid helpers like nannies or night nurses. If you have the budget to pay for helpers, it is money well spent.

Be a Team

You and your wife are partners. Work as a team and encourage each other on your twin journey.

What advice would you add to this list? If you’re on Twitter, click below to share your best advice:

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