Buying Presents for Twins

Joe Rawlinson by Joe Rawlinson - April 26, 2017

Buying Presents for Twins

Buying presents for twins can be a challenge. Finding the right gift is always tough, but now you have to find two right gifts.

Get Two Different Gifts

Your twins are each unique individuals and as such deserve two different gifts.

When buying gifts for twins, keep in mind each individual twin’s likes and personality. As a parent of twins, this will force you to pay attention to the differences between your kids. It is a great opportunity to separate from the possible bad habit of always grouping your twins together.

Find gifts that fit each individual child, just like you would when buying a gift for someone else.

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Ask Each Twin

Not sure what to get as a gift for each twin? Simply ask.

Be sure to ask each twin in isolation. This way you’ll get a more honest answer that might not be influenced by or a copycat answer of the sibling.

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Gifts to Be Shared

Especially when your twins are younger, they will share any gifts you get them. Keep this inevitable sharing in mind.

If you are wondering if one twin will like something, ask yourself if the other would like it if all else fails.

Birthday Cards

If you or someone close to the twins wants to give birthday cards, get a card for each twin. In personalizing the card, you can write out what you love about that individual twin.

Especially if the card contains any money or gifts, be sure each twin is receiving their own card.

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Gifts from Friends of One Twin

As your twins get older, they will likely start to have friends that they don’t necessarily share. This is particularly true if they go to different classes in school.

If one of your twins’ friends is invited to a party or is getting a gift for your child, let them know that they don’t have to get a gift for both twins.

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Buying gifts for twins is a wonderful challenge of twins but it also highlights that they are individuals and are truly unique, even though they may be identical on the surface.

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