Call Your Twins Individually and Not as a Pair

Joe Rawlinson by Joe Rawlinson - April 25, 2017

Once your twins are old enough to crawl, they will find ways to move away from you when you want them to go somewhere or do something.

Crawling Baby

When you want your twins to pay attention to you, it will be quicker to say “come on girls” or “let’s go boys” than it is to say each individual name. However, you won’t get the response you want by calling them as a pair.

You need to call them individually. You need to call them by name.

Instead of saying “let’s go boys”, try “let’s go Michael, let’s go Bryan.”

I’ve found that calling to the pair as one unit just doesn’t work.

Perhaps there is too much ambiquity in the summons. Maybe my girls know I’m talking to them but ignore it because I didn’t call them out specifically.

Whatever the reason, my twins respond better when called specifically by name. Remember that even though they may be identical, twins are each unique individuals.

Try calling your twins individually, by name, and see if you get better responses.

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