Can you take a long road trip with newborn twins?

Joe Rawlinson by Joe Rawlinson - June 25, 2018

This question comes from David. He and his wife live overseas. His big concern is about traveling immediately after the twins are born. They have about a two- or three-hour drive back home. He wonders if there’s anything they should be concerned about for their journey. He says they’re going to have a driver to help them get back home, but what should they keep their eyes open for.

Road Trip

Traveling with Infant Twins

Traveling with newborn infants should be fine. When you start to talk about flying on airplanes, or traveling in heavily populated, public places, that’s when you start to get some risk of possible infection or disease with newborns. But, if you’re just getting in a car and driving a longer distance, that should be fine. You may need to be prepared to stop along the way to change diapers, because a three-hour journey is going to be pretty long for newborn twins.

So, you’re probably going to go through a full cycle of feeding and changing diapers during that time. Now, hopefully you can feed the babies right before you leave the hospital, and then right when you get home after that journey, but if you have any delays along the way, you may need to be prepared to stop to feed the babies and take care of them midway through the journey. Especially once you start to reach around the three-hour mark, you’re really going to be pushing when you should have already been feeding your infants. Now, if somebody’s sitting in the backseat with the twins, maybe you can help feed them in the backseat and keep on driving just fine.

This question was originally addressed on the Dad’s Guide to Twins Podcast Episode 39: Telling Older Children You’re Expecting Twins, Road Trip with Newborns, Two Hospitals.

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