How many clothes do you need for twins?

Joe Rawlinson by Joe Rawlinson - July 28, 2023

If you’re expecting twins and you want to get ready for them it’s important to have a stash of clothes ready to help them transition from the hospital back to your home.


The primary thing that your twins are going to wear as infants or onesies or body suits. Get about 10 of these because that’s going to be the primary thing that your kids are wearing almost every single day. And if they’re not wearing it as a sole piece of clothing, it’s going to go underneath whatever else they’re wearing.

These can come with short sleeves, or long sleeves depending on the type of weather that you’re experiencing when your twins are born.

Clothing Sets

You may also consider getting some newborn clothing sets. These are usually like a shirt and a pair of pants.

Get five to six pairs of each of these for your twins, particularly for when you take the kids out in public or to go visit grandma.

You definitely want to have a pair of going home from the hospital clothes. Get something super nice, cute, and adorable for your twins to wear on that great ride home from the hospital.

Of course you’re getting lots of pictures and then leaving the hospital getting in the car seats for the first time getting the car, taking them out of the car and bringing them in home. And you want to have some cute outfits on them for posterity.

But let’s be honest, super fancy and ornate clothing is not going to be what your twins are wearing every single day.

As infants, they are going to be having spit ups and blow outs of their diapers and milk spilled on them. It’s going to be a mess.

Stick with stuff that can easily be washed.


You want to get about 10 pairs of pajamas: five for each twin.

Look for things like sleep sacks that have zippers. You don’t want to mess with buttons. Those are just impossible. Zippers would be preferred with snaps as runner ups. Avoid buttons at all costs.

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A good night suit (footed PJs) will keep your twins nice and warm as they go to sleep at night.


Let’s talk about baby shoes. Infant twins do not need shoes. They are only decoration.

Twin Lion King Shirt

Until they start walking around, they don’t really need shoes on your feet.

You may have something to keep their feet warm, like some socks or some little shoes, but they’re mostly just decoration so treat them as such.

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If you’re short on budget, allocate some of the budget you would have spent on some fancy shoes for your twins to more onesies or clothing that you know they can use on a regular basis.

Turn Over

Remember that with infant twins, you’re going to be doing laundry almost every day. You’ll be churning through these clothes very quickly because your kids are going to need changes multiple times a day. So if you don’t want to do laundry as much, get a few more items of clothing so you have enough for the kids to wear multiple outfits a day.

Dad Squared Shirt

Now as they get older and out of the infant phase, they can become a little more clean and stop blowing out diapers as much.

You’ll eventually get down to one outfit that they wear all day plus an emergency outfit in your diaper bag, in case they have an accident while you’re out and about.

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