How to Reduce the Cost of Having Twins

Joe Rawlinson by Joe Rawlinson - March 21, 2018

The cost of having twins can be something that’s manageable for new parents. However, the cost of having children comes with a variety of hidden expenses that many people do not consider, especially if twins are their first children. The following article will provide you with some tips on managing the cost of having twins as well as some ways that you or your friends can work at raising two small kids at the same time.

Father With Fraternal Twins

Look for Free

See if you can get any free baby clothes or items from online classifieds and family members: online classifieds such as freecycle, eBay, and Craigslist can be absolutely indispensable for parents who are trying to manage the cost of having twins.

You could even build your own double stroller.

If you can get just a few items for free this can leave more in your budget for extra diapers, toys and new clothing for your children.

Ask for Help

Any help that you can get from family members and friends will help you to cut the cost of having twins with relation to child care. Many babysitters and day cares will charge you to take care of each child rather than just an hourly rate. If you can find a family member that is willing to watch your twins to give you a break or to even watch one child to give you a break, this can help to reduce your stress and leave you time to run errands or look after your home.

Find the Twin Discounts

Coupon as much is possible. If you can find coupons or free samples that can help to ease the cost of having twins, use as many deals and promotions as possible. It is always a good idea to ask for the twin discount. Things like diapers and formula will add up to massive costs, and if there’s any way that you can get free samples of these products, is very important that you take advantage of them.

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As a parent of twins, you’ll need to get creative in how you save and spend money. The initial and ongoing cost of having twins is manageable but will require some work on your part.

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  1. If you take no other advice from anyone on having twins (especially those expecting) listen to this… I did not want anything used for my twins but I didn’t have a choice, and it was awesome. Join a multiples club either you or your wife it was a life saver.. From ppl helping with clothes, diapers, formula etc. also resale shops are your friend use them hand me downs are fine most of the time… Like Boppy pillows we were able to get 4 (2 for upstairs 2 for downstairs) for about the same price as 1 new one. Finally ask for help. I hate asking but everyone is so willing to help especially with twins. The best thing my wife and I did was read this advice and take it..

  2. Contact your formula company either by writing to them or checking out their websites. Enfamil and Similac and others either have multiples programs or will at least get you coupons coming regularly in the mail. Enfamil actually sent us a full case of our formula just for the asking! Some baby food companies also have multiples programs so they are also worth contacting. And on the fun side, if you’re up for it, Ringling Brothers offers each kid (not just twins) a free circus ticket to use any time during their lifetime if you sign them up in their first year! Info is on their website:

  3. For mama’s like me who like to match their twins but don’t always have the money to spend on new clothes, I discovered twin mom clothing resale pages on Facebook. This was truly a lifesaver! You can find mom’s selling clothes their twins outgrew or sometimes never even wore for a deep discount!! You can find everything from clothes new with tags to play clothes. And if you’re looking to make some extra money you can sell your twins outgrown clothes that are probably just sitting in a bin somewhere. The best page by far is “New Twin Mom Resale Preemie-24 months” and their sister page “Twin Mom Resale 24 months and up”. There are also gender specific groups for g/g, b/b, & b/g. Save some money and help the environment at the same time. Buy used!
    Hope this helps a fellow twin parent out there!


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