Diaper Genies for Twins

Joe Rawlinson by Joe Rawlinson - July 22, 2016

This question comes to us from Robert. He says, “We have been hearing a lot about these Diaper Genies. Some people say they’re a life-saver, and some say they’re a complete waste of money. What are your thoughts on these? Did you have two of them, or just was it easier to keep a separate garbage can for all the diapers that you use and go through?”

Diaper Genie for Twins

One Diaper Pail for Twins

We did have a Diaper Genie for our twins, and it served us very well. As we’ve talked about in previous podcasts, your twins will go through a ton of diapers. Even though that is the case, we still had only one Diaper Genie for our twins. Because we had only one, it filled up fairly quickly, especially in those early days when you’re going through 10 diapers per newborn per day.

Diaper Genie
What the Diaper Genie does very well is to keep the smells contained. If you just have an open trash can in the bedroom or wherever you’re changing your baby’s diapers, it starts to smell pretty quickly and pretty bad. Having a Diaper Genie keeps all that enclosed and keeps the smells contained, and so you don’t have to keep taking the garbage out after every diaper. You can save until it’s full and then take that out to the trash.

Keep in mind that with a Diaper Genie, you’ll need to buy refills, and those costs can add up. If you’re going to get one for, let’s say, a baby shower or as a gift from friends or family, try to ask them for refill bags as well. That’ll save you money downstream.

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Don’t ask for two Diaper Genies. One of them is going to be enough for you, and you can use the extra money that you would’ve spent or that you would’ve received for a second Diaper Genie and use that to purchase refills instead.

This question was originally addressed on the Dad’s Guide to Twins Podcast Episode 30: College Savings for Twins, Regain Pre-Twin Life, Diaper Genies.

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6 thoughts on “Diaper Genies for Twins”

  1. We were given two Diaper Genies and it was very helpful for our situation–one for kids’ bedroom upstairs and the other in our bedroom downstairs, where we set up the changing areas. The cost of refills almost made us give them up but trying poor alternatives made us decide to keep going with these–one of our few “luxuries”. One is a foot-pedal operated large one, the other is smaller and requires you to lift the lid. For our twins the small one was filled quickly and when your hands are full the foot operation is very helpful so we kept that one where we did more of the changings.

    • We are the proud papas of twins born 5 weeks ago. We too received an ubbi diaper pail and I thought “this is definitely getting returned”. To my surprise, this is one of the best things I received. It looks small but it can fit tons of diapers and the smell is contained perfectly. Yes, they do get you with replacement bags but I just use white garbage kitchen bags and they work just as well minus the cost. :)

  2. I remember early on people trying to steer us away from getting one. 11 months later – no issues, keeps the smell contained and easy to change the refills. I’d recommend it! Advice – stock up on refills so you dont have to worry about running out.


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