How To Get Free and Cheap Baby Formula For Your Twins

Joe Rawlinson by Joe Rawlinson - May 17, 2021

If you decide to formula-feed your baby twins instead of breastfeeding, the costs can add up quickly.

Bottle Feeding

Formula is not cheap and you’ll need to try different brands and “flavors” to see what works best with your babies.

The good news is that you don’t have to buy every ounce of formula your babies drink. Here are some free and discounted resources:


The hospital where your twins are born has an almost infinite supply of formula. They even have the premixed, liquid versions which are super easy: just pop on a nipple and feed the baby.

Before you leave the hospital ask for extra samples and stock up. If you’ve been nice to your nurses during your stay, they will likely help you. It doesn’t hurt that you’ve got twins and they will feel sympathetic to your situation.


You’ll be visiting the pediatrician frequently in the first few weeks and months after your twins’ birth.

Ask your pediatrician for samples every time you visit.

Ask your pediatrician for a form to fill out and mail in to the formula companies where they will send you a free case of formula. This is one of the perks of having twins. The formula companies want to send you samples because once you’re hooked, they know you’ll be buying double the formula.


Most formula manufacturers have programs where you can sign up for coupons. Take advantage of this. Sure, they will market to you but it is worth the cost savings.

You’ll also see discounted formula at wholesale clubs like Costco (a twin dad’s best friend) where the manufacturers offer larger sizes at cheaper prices than other grocery or retail stores.


Odds are you’ve got friends who have babies. These could be coworkers, neighbors, or friends from church. Ask all of your friends who have babies and nurse exclusively if you can have their free samples. Remember, they get all the same sample opportunities you get (at the hospital and pediatrican) but since they are breastfeeding, they don’t need them.

Get Used to the Expense

While the options above will help you save money on formula, you’ll still need to buy some and spend money. Don’t get your hopes up that once your babies are past the formula phase that you’ll all of a sudden have extra money left over.

You’ll need that money to put into your grocery budget to help feed your growing little ones!

If you’re a little overwhelmed about which formula would be best for your twins, here’s a great list reviewing the best baby formula.

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  1. We are expecting twins in September. Time flies so looking for any and all tips! Suggestions??? Thanks and congratulations to all!

    • Hi Marc,

      Congratulations! With your twins due in September, try to get all your preparations in place by mid-July. Remember that twins often come early.

  2. Better still, before you leave the hospital ask for and seek out help and support in breastfeeding the babies. Every drop of breastmilk in the hours, days, months or years of the babies lives is money saved (besides many other benefits). Breastfeeding twins is completely possible.


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