Free Stuff for Twins (Plus Discounts for Twins)

Joe Rawlinson by Joe Rawlinson - July 28, 2022

Taking care of one child is already going to require a lot of sacrifice on your end, but having twins is automatically going to double your efforts and your financial needs. You can save a lot of money if you know where to shop and what you can get for free (or at least with a discount). There are actually a lot of stores out there that offer discounts and a lot of free stuff for twins if you follow their shopping promos and keep an eye on store offers.

Free Stuff for Twins

Enfamil Free Products

There is also the option to become a member of Family Beginners in Enfamil. Enfamil offers free baby products if you sign up for them right after your babies are born (you can inquire about it from your doctor) or you could give them a call to sign up for their membership network. This not only guarantees free stuff for twins but also lets you receive coupons that you can later use for discounted shopping.

Beech Nut Product Coupons for Twins

Call Beech Nut to get a special packet of discounts and some free samples for your twins. Call 1-800-233-2468 to make your request.

Gerber Baby Food Discounts

As a parent of twins, Gerber will give you coupons for discounts on their different lines of food products. Call 1-800-443-7237 to request a packet for parents of twins.

More Free Stuff for Twins

Twin Pregnancy and Beyond has a great list of discounts and free stuff for twins, including discounts to some twin-specific online retailers.

Want more tips on saving money with twins? I talk more about this in Chapter Eight of my book, the Dad’s Guide to Raising Twins: How to Thrive as a Father of Twins.

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Further Reading

Dad's Guide to Raising Twins book
Don't forget to pick up a copy of the definitive guide to raising twins. "Dad's Guide to Raising Twins" was written for fathers of twins to help guide you through the first several years with twins. Click here to learn more about the book and get your copy.

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  1. My wife and I will not be getting a minivan when the twins come. What suv do you recommend that would be best to fit our family plus anyone else helping but like grandma?

    • @Anthony – I’d look for something with a 3rd row seat.

      As far as seating arrangements…

      We put our infant twins in the middle row so we (driver or front passenger) could reach back and attend to them if necessary. They were also easier to get out since they were right by the door.

      We put our older boys in the back seat since they were relatively more self sufficient and could jump out of their car seat once we reached back and unbuckled them.

      Here are some of my other thoughts on family transportation with twins:

  2. My daughter and her hubby are expecting twins in January, and to top it off they may be laid off as well. Any and all types of help would be GREAT!!! Thanks

  3. Me n my husband to be have two boys nonidentical, who will be a yr old this month on the 28th, can’t believe how fast the first year went by! Its been amazing but sooo hard as we also share 6 other kids all under ages 12 so we have 8 in all, its been impossible for me to find a sitter to even find a job, and my fiance works for a storage building company and has been there for over a month and still has not made 1000 dlrs, n what’s worse is he sometimes isn’t home until 10 pm and gets paid no more for extra hours a solid bill a day n they cant even promise him a everyday job, its so hard as he has tried looking for work elsewhere and has had no luck. Even from the temp service, it would be so awesome to learn how to receive free stuff for the twins! Wish there were more places that offered discounts and free stuff for twins or even a family of ten.. I love them with all my hear and wouldn’t change having a big family for nothing in the world, but I still have to admit that it is super hard. …

  4. Hi,pls this is my first time of having twins, I don’t have any idea of how to handle them, really need a counselor, I want to talk to someone, thanks

  5. My wife just delivered twins, identical boys. This brings us to seven children total, but with no other twins. I am worried that will be a Twins versus non-twins sibling thing; I have two other boys and three other girls, any recommendations on how to keep everyone on the same page.If it helps oh my kids except for the twins are roughly spaced three years apart ranging from 15 years old to the new ones.

  6. My son and his fiance are expecting twins and she has 3 older children. What is the best SUV and good advice for a first time dad and twins and blinded family…TIA

  7. My sister is 41. She has boy/girl twins turning 2. Their Dad left and she is without anything. No vehicle, home, nothing. I try to help all I can and they are staying with me.. I am 53, a widow and had a leg amputation due to brown recluse bite. We have tried to find places to help just to fix my vehicle, or get a double stroller, she literally has nothing. She walks to the store with the kids in a stroller that is falling apart. She is a good mom and this resent chain of events has left us both trying to make it through the minute. Does anyone have any ideas, in Texas. please be nice.


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