Household Tasks That Don’t Get Done With Newborn Twins

Joe Rawlinson by Joe Rawlinson - April 25, 2017

Household Tasks That Don’t Get Done With Newborn Twins

During the late stages of a twin pregnancy and during the early months of newborn twins, your typical household duties will fall by the wayside. There are simply more important things to worry about: the health of Mom and babies during the pregnancy and mere survival after their arrival.

Just like you can use helpers to care for your twins, you can also use helping hands around the house.

1. Stocking You up with Supplies

If your friends can’t offer their time to help you, perhaps they can contribute goods and supplies to your cause. Keep a list of needed baby supplies from strollers to diapers so that you can ask for specifics that you need. People are often willing to give, but if you gently direct them towards what you need, you just might get it instead of another non-practical stuffed animal.

Your list should include the basics you’ll need: diapers, wipes, bottles, formula, burp cloths, etc. Cute toys and outfits are nice, but newborn twins don’t need toys! Cover the essentials first and then move on to more discretionary items.

2. Cleaning the House

With your hands full of twins, you won’t have much time for cleaning your house. Your friends can come do the dishes or clean your bathrooms. Any amount of cleaning will be more than you can probably manage and will be appreciated.

3. Running to the Store

It takes ten times longer than you’d think to load up all the kids, diaper bags, strollers, etc. into the car to even leave the house. This hassle, combined with the fact that you really don’t want to take your newborn twins out in public for a few weeks anyway, makes quick errands to the store gigantic undertakings.

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A friend can run to the grocery store for those few items you need and be a lifesaver.

4. Cooking You Dinner

Unless you stocked your freezer with ready made meals, you might not be enjoying the best nutrition during the newborn twin phase. The arrival of a home-cooked meal delivered by a smiling friend will make your day.

5. Taking Pictures and Video

It is hard to capture pictures and video of yourself with the twins if you are always the one behind the camera. Every time a friend is over visiting your home, have her take a picture of you with the twins. You’ll look sleep deprived and probably ragged, but that is your reality. Document it!

Babies First, then Household

Remember that your top priority is the health and well-being of your twins and Mom. Household chores and tasks can wait. Unfortunately, waiting also becomes an inconvenience and makes home life a little more difficult. When friends and family ask how they can help, invite them over to help around the house or run an errand for you. You’ll appreciate even the simple things I described above.

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