How early can they tell if you are having twins?

Joe Rawlinson by Joe Rawlinson - April 25, 2017

I surveyed the Dad’s Guide to Twins Facebook community and asked, “how early did you find out you were having twins?” The results were quite interesting. You might be wondering just how early can they tell if you are having twins?

How early can they tell if you are having twins?

First Doctor’s Visit

Typically, the vast majority of you found out on your first doctors visit that you were expecting twins. The first doctor’s visit after you found out you were pregnant is typically around six to ten weeks into the twin pregnancy.

Early Ultrasound

If you just get a blood test to confirm the pregnancy you may not find out at that time. However, more and more offices have ultrasound equipment and they don’t have to send you out to a different lab or office to get an ultrasound hence you might find out right away. This is how we found out we were having twins on our first doctor visit which was about six to eight weeks into the pregnancy.

We were completely surprised. In fact I wasn’t even there with my wife because I thought it was just a normal, “Yes, you are pregnant, have a nice day,” type of checkup, when in fact it was something that would change our lives forever!

End of First Trimester

When I asked how far along you were in your twin pregnancy when you found out that you were having twins, the average was about 11 and a half weeks, which is nearly the end of the first trimester.

The earliest you found out was about five weeks into the pregnancy and the latest was 27 weeks.

That’s pretty good spread of time when you found out that you are having twins. The average was towards the end of the first trimester, which is typical for many parents I’ve heard from as well.

Each of you may have experienced a different opportunity to find out you were having twins, it may have been on your first visit to the doctor. It may have been on the second visit or subsequent ultra sounds that revealed the surprise to you. No matter when you found out you were expecting twins, it’s a big surprise and a very exciting time for your family.

This topic was originally addressed on the Dad’s Guide to Twins Podcast Episode 84: Fatherly Advice, Sleep Regression, When Found Out About Twins. Original photo by bhenak

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16 thoughts on “How early can they tell if you are having twins?”

  1. Found out at 11 weeks but my wife was so sick. Her mom guessed twins as she never was that sick. Even our family Dr thought so.
    But we had 2 embryos in planted so a very good chance but our slim to none chance of both taking was still surprising.

  2. My wife and I found out we are having twins at her first sonogram 9 weeks 3 days in. The tech definitely surprised both of us (and herself) when she found the second one. Twins don’t run on either side of the family but we are both very excited. Now at 23 weeks I can feel the babies moving around inside her and am so happy every time I do feel them move. I can’t wait for them to get here.

  3. We found out at 5 weeks at our first appointment. Definitely a shocker. Our doctoral ways does ultrasound to confirm pregnancies in case it’s ectopic.

  4. I was about 4 weeks along. We had the bloodwork 2 weeks prior to confirm but had an ultrasound at the visit after that. We did IVF, and they transferred two, but it was still a shock to see that both implanted and were doing well!

  5. Our doctor confirmed pregnancy by a blood test, then sent us out for an ultrasound to confirm viability. We found out at 6 weeks via transvaginal ultrasound. Fortunately my husband and I were together for that visit (on our lunch break!). We were in shock.

    We’re 24 weeks now with mono/di girls.

  6. we found out at 6 weeks we were having twins. went to check how far long I was and there they where, two sacks. two heart beats. From that moment on my life was changed. A week later the doctors office called to let me know that twin b may not make it, for me to not get my hopes up..
    well I did not believe them..Thank God I didn’t, my girls were born at 37 weeks and very healthy.

    • @Valsam – I’m glad your girls were born healthy! Your story shows some of those ups and downs we all face during the twin pregnancy. Thanks for sharing.

  7. We found out at 8 weeks. I was spotting and having some pain so we went to the ER. They did an ultrasound to check that everything was okay and… Surprise! The spotting and pain were due to two placentas implanting! It was a complete shock as we conceived naturally. I subsequently learned that women over 35 can ovulate 2 eggs per cycle…

  8. We found out at 37 weeks 5 days when I went I to labor!! How?? Well, we opted not to have any ultrasounds. Yes, yes you can do that. We had an amazing midwife, and planned a home birth. I never measured over for a Singleton, and I only gained 40 lbs the entire pregnancy, and only ever heard one heart beat. They beat in sync!! Imagine our surprise when my water broke a few weeks early as the midwife was getting ready to head out of town for a conference for the week! She had us go in for an ultrasound to be sure the placenta was not in the way, and that was when we found out we were having twins!!


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