How Long Can Boy / Girl Twins Share a Room?

Joe Rawlinson by Joe Rawlinson - July 28, 2023

How Long Can Boy / Girl Twins Share a Room?

Your twins share almost everything since they were formed in Mom’s belly. Naturally, this may lead you to having your twins share a bedroom. Even boy/girl twins can share a room. This arrangement works great for several years but will eventually end with the question: how long can my boy girl twins share a room?

Space Constraints

If your family is trying to make the most of your limited space, keeping your twins in the same room may be your only choice. In this case, your twins will know why they are sharing a room (if they are old enough to understand that) and most will clearly see they don’t really have other options.

Keep in mind that even though your twins may logically know there isn’t room for each to have their own space, that won’t stop them from complaining about wanting their own rooms.

You can always consider shuffling bedrooms around so different people take turns in different rooms. Consider making this swap every year or so. This could give variety to your family’s quarters but might not always work if you have only a few bedrooms.

When Moving to Big Beds

A big transition period for your twins will be when they move out of their cribs and into big beds. During this time of upheaval, you may consider moving each twin to his and her own room.

One advantage of this is that each twin (assuming both stay in their rooms) won’t be distracted by the other and should go to sleep more easily.

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However, if your twins find comfort in having each other near, separating them at this time might be problematic.


At what age should boy and girl twins stop sharing a room? When your twins reach adolescence and puberty, it may be an opportune time to move them to separate rooms. This is such a challenging time for youth that having their own space could be beneficial.

Ask Your Twins

How long should boy girl twins share a room? There is not an official age when boy/girl twins should stop sharing a room. Therefore, you should ask your twins what they think. Talk to them about what they would like to do.

If they are happy in the same room, and you as parents don’t have any issues with that, twins sharing a room is a perfectly fine arrangement. Eventually, they will have a strong opinion and will want their own rooms.

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Your boy girl twins can share a room for quite some time. Here's how long they can share a room and when you know it is time to switch.

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