How Long Can Mom Work While Pregnant With Twins?

Joe Rawlinson by Joe Rawlinson - July 28, 2023

How Long Can Mom Work While Pregnant With Twins?
Twin pregnancies are a huge physical burden on Mom. If she is working while pregnant with twins, this complicates matters even more.

If Mom is working, just how long can she work while pregnant with twins?

The answer depends on a handful of factors. Let’s review each of these.

Twins Come Early

Unlike singleton babies who typically last close to 40 weeks inside Momma, twins usually come at least a month early at 36 weeks.

So take a look at your due date and make sure you factor in an early arrival when planning the estimate of how long Mom can work.

Bed Rest

A twin pregnancy pushes Mom’s body to the limits. Often this requires extreme measures to help keep those babies inside the safety of the womb as long as possible.

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Many mothers expecting twins must go on some form of bed rest. This may be everything from resting a few hours a day to full-blown monitoring in the hospital.

Naturally, any type of bed rest will interfere with work and cause her to adjust her schedule or discontinue working altogether.

Physical Limitations

Even if Mom isn’t on bed rest, she will grow increasingly fatigued and uncomfortable as the pregnancy progresses. Especially as she enters the third trimester (week 27). This discomfort will make it so she physically can’t do things she used to do and emotionally doesn’t want to do some things she used to do.

Type of Work

With the diverse types of work environments and jobs that your wife may have, you’ll need to evaluate the physical demands and how that may conflict with the demands of the twin pregnancy.

For example, if she is on her feet all day, she will definitely need to cut back on work earlier than someone who works on a computer and could work from home.

Doing the Best You Can

Your financial situation may require that Mom work as long as possible. Remember, you’ll need to balance your financial needs by making sure your twins stay healthy.

You can always make sacrifices or tradeoffs on the money front. Prioritize the healthy delivery of your twins above all else.

When Mom is working during the twin pregnancy, focus your efforts on making sure both Mom and the twins are healthy. Mom needs her rest, needs doctor visits, needs to stay hydrated, and more.

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Talk to your doctor to make sure that you are adjusting Mom’s work schedule and participation to best meet the needs of your twins as they develop during the twin pregnancy.

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How long Mom can keep working when pregnant with twins, possible scenarios, and how to set expectations with your boss and coworkers.

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