How long is Mom typically in labor during a twin delivery?

Joe Rawlinson by Joe Rawlinson - July 28, 2023

In this article, I’ll share examples from several twin parents about their experiences during delivery.

It’s important to note that not all moms will go into labor when delivering twins. The majority of twin deliveries are performed via a cesarean section. This can be scheduled by 38 weeks of the twin pregnancy or earlier if there are any challenges or issues with the babies.

However, some moms may go into labor and then end up having a C-section. Here are some specific examples of what to expect during a twin delivery:

  • Joanna had an hour and a half of labor from the time her water broke to delivery.
  • Abby had over 50 hours of labor for her twins born at 39 weeks.
  • Nikki had 40 hours of labor for her twins’ delivery
  • Samantha had less than three hours of labor, with her twins being born just two hours after her water broke.
  • Lucy had a slow labor of 23 hours.
  • Cindy had 18 hours of labor. They ended up having a C-section as Cindy never dilated enough.
  • Eric’s twins were delivered via C-section after Mom’s water broke at 2 am, and the twins were born at 6:30 am.

In some cases, complications may arise and a vaginal delivery may not be possible. The twins are monitored during labor for their heartbeats and if there’s any sign of danger, a C-section may be performed.

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  • Shannon had 10 hours of labor at 38 weeks and delivered her twins 14 minutes apart.
  • Brittany had a seven-hour induction with 15 minutes of pushing.
  • Linda had a natural delivery after five and a half hours.

Labor during twin delivery can be short and quick or take several days. Some moms may start with labor and end with a vaginal delivery, while others may start with labor and end with a C-section. The most important thing is to have a healthy delivery for both the twins and the mom.

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