How long are your twins in each diaper size?

Joe Rawlinson by Joe Rawlinson - January 31, 2013

This question is about diapers, which is a huge financial and logistical burden for us, as parents of twins, especially when our twins are infants. The question is, how long were your twins in each diaper size?

Baby in Diaper

So this question comes from Kristen. She says, “I like to consider myself a prepare-aheader. But when it comes to stocking up on various sizes of diapers or registering for them, I’m stumped on how many to get, in what sizes. Do you have any helpful hints?”

Your Twins’ Diaper Usage is Unique

Well, Kristen, the answer is really: it depends. That’s probably not the best answer, or the answer that you’re hoping for, but it is a reality with twins that each set of twins has different circumstances. These twins are going to be born at different weeks of the pregnancy, and so they’re going to be different sizes, height and weight. They’re going to have different growth rates, your twins versus someone else’s twins as well as one twin versus the other.

Some of your twins may spend time in the NICU. It could be for a couple days. It could be for several weeks or months. And so all that really factors into how your twins are growing, and their size really determines the diapers that you’re going to need.

Rule of Thumb

Now, to play it safe, what you can do is get a variety of different sizes of diapers, with a conservative estimate that you’re going to use at least a month’s worth of diapers for each size of diaper. So, for example, your twins are going to be in newborn diapers for probably at least a month, in size one diapers for at least a month, size two diapers for at least a month. And that’ll at least give you a stockpile on hand that you can use when the time comes to transition between diaper sizes or when you bring them home, and then you can buy more diapers as needed.

Diaper Gift Cards

Another way to help prepare for the number of diapers that you’re going to need is to get gift cards for diapers. If you have money that you’re able to spend during the pregnancy, you can buy those gift cards upfront, or you can get those as gifts or ask for them from family and friends. That way you can draw on that gift-card reserve when it comes time to purchase more diapers.

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Stock Up On Wipes

If you’re in the mood of stocking up on diapers, one thing to consider is baby wipes. Now, no matter what size diaper your twins are going to be in, they’re going to need wipes. And wipes are something that you can use forever, even after your twins are out of diapers, so you can never have enough wipes. Of course, use them for diaper changes when they’re infants, for cleaning up messes, spit-ups, blowouts, you name it. And then, once your twins are out of diapers, you’ll still use wipes to clean messy faces and hands, spills, wipe down toys, you name it.

Remember, in the first month with your twins, you’re going to probably have at least 600 diapers. So if you’re looking at newborn diapers, 600 might be a good batch to buy or to get as a gift or to register for.

Unused Diapers

Always keep in mind that if you buy diapers, it’s not the end of the road if you don’t use those diapers. Remember to keep your receipts. One great tip that I’ve heard is that you tape the receipt to the box of diapers when you’re storing it, so in case you don’t need that size, you can take it back to the store.

Another thing to consider is that everyone else is going to need diapers, too, for their babies when they’re born. So, you can always regift the leftover diapers that you have in a particular size at another baby shower for someone else who’s expecting twins, or even just a singleton baby.

This question was originally addressed on the Dad’s Guide to Twins Podcast episode 21: Twin Diaper Sizes, Airplane Twin Seating, Who’s Older.

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