The Exact Number of Kids that are Easy to Care For

Joe Rawlinson by Joe Rawlinson - May 31, 2010

With twins, you feel like you are always busy, always have your hands full, and never seem to get a break.

If you have other children in addition to twins, you’ll be busy from the time the kids wake up until they go to bed.

I discovered recently the secret formula that indicates how many kids are easy to manage at once. This equation is based on the number of kids you have:

Easy = number of kids – 1

In our case, we have four kids. When one is asleep or at grandma’s house, life is easy.

# of kids - 1 = Easy

If you have just the twins, and get a time when only one is in the house or awake, life seems like a piece of cake.

This formula also explains why you can magically handle all the kids you have in your family while the guy next door can’t handle the only child they have.

Since you have twins, “easy” is having just one kid.

So remember the secret and enjoy those moments when you are down just one kid. Take a break and relax. You’ll find the silence is odd and you’ll miss the one that is giving you a break.

But don’t worry, before you get too relaxed, you’ll be back to a full house and have your hands full once more.

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