How to Give a Twin Mom a Break

Joe Rawlinson by Joe Rawlinson - April 19, 2013

Your wife has a very hard job. As a mother of twins, she is scrambling every day, all day to care for your twins – regardless of age. She deserves a break, and you know it. The question is how do you give her the break.

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Here are some ideas of how you can give the twin Mom in your life a break:

Let Her Sit Down

While caring for your twins, your wife will likely go all day without sitting down. Even if you give her a few minutes to sit down and put her feet up, she will be able to do something that has eluded her all day.

Help with Daytime Feedings

Feeding both twins – whether they are breast feeding, bottle feeding, or at the kitchen table – is not an easy task.

When you are home, you need to help with feedings. This could be bottle feeding one twin while your wife feeds the other. It could be helping arrange the babies and burping them if she is breast feeding. It could be helping one kid eat at the table while your wife feeds the other.

Handle Nighttime Feedings

Give your wife the night off and handle all the overnight baby feedings. If this is too much work (which it is in the early weeks), at least get up and help feed the twins during the night.

Change All the Diapers

Pick a day and change all the diapers. Relieve your wife completely of having to worry about that for a full day.

Take the Twins Out

Give your wife a break by getting out the house and taking the twins with you. Odds are your wife has a long wish list of things she’d like to do around the house. With you and the kids gone, she’ll be able to get a break and even cross some things off her to-do list.

Watch the Twins While Mom Goes Out

Being “trapped” at home with the twins is a surefire way to go crazy and get cabin fever. Volunteer to watch the kids while your wife goes out. She might have a night out with friends or just want to run an errand by herself. Make it happen.

Run the Errands

Go to the grocery store or let her go by herself without the kids. Doing any kind of errand takes extra physical and mental effort when the twins are in tow.

Get the Twins Dressed

Get the twins dressed in the morning before you leave for work. It is then one less thing that Mom needs to take care of during the day.

Handle Bath Time

You should handle bath time with your twins. When they are really young, this might be a two-person job. However, once you master the basics, you should be able to handle this responsibility and give Mom a break.

Go Out On a Date

Arrange for a babysitter and go out on a date. You know, like you used to do before the twins came. It will be good for both of you!

What other things have you done to help give Mom a break from the twins?

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