Key Mindset with Twins: Today’s Challenge Is Only Temporary

Joe Rawlinson by Joe Rawlinson - January 15, 2020

At every stage of your twins’ progress, from pregnancy onwards, there will be challenges.

Twins in Bouncy Seat

You’ll deal with physical burdens, mental strain, marital frustrations, discipline issues, feeding problems, and tons of messes.

One way to keep your sanity is to remember that the current moment is only temporary.

There is an extra heavy dose of craziness with twins. Just remind yourself that it is only temporary and things will improve.

Your twins will mature and become easier to care for.

You will mature as a parent of twins and learn how to deal more easily with your twins.

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I’ve noticed that things come in cycles with twins. You get a new challenge. It blows you away. After a short time, you’ve adapted and it becomes normal for you.

Just when things start to work smoothly, something else happens to break the routine and you repeat the cycle.

This is a natural evolution with twins. Each challenge is often just for a season. You won’t have to feed your twins in the middle of the night forever. Likewise, when you potty train your twins, they will eventually master that skill — just like we all do.

Remember: right now is only temporary. You can deal with the challenge of now. You can handle the challenge that tomorrow brings…tomorrow.

Enjoy each moment. Before you know it, your twins will be teenagers with a new set of challenges. Then you’ll look back and think how easy it was to just change a pair of blow-out diapers or clean up a spit-up mess.

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