Overcoming C-Section Concerns When Planning Natural Twin Delivery

Joe Rawlinson by Joe Rawlinson - April 25, 2017

This question comes to us from Sarah. She’s concerned about delivering via C-section, because she wants to deliver the twins naturally.

C-Section Delivery

Our first child, our oldest son, ended up being delivered via emergency C-section. After that, all of our children were born in the operating room.

I understand it can be worrisome to not get the natural delivery that you’re hoping for. Our son’s delivery didn’t go as planned for us. It was emotionally draining for both my wife and I, although much more so for her.

Each twin delivery is a little different, so you plan for the natural birth, but be flexible, in case the health of the babies requires a different path.

Discuss Your Twin Birth Plans in Advance

Now, what you’ll need to do is talk frankly with your doctor about the type of birth you want with your twins. Dialogue with your doctor will be the most important factor in how you end up delivering. There may be factors to consider that you’re not aware of, so it’s good to discuss these with your doctor well ahead of the delivery date.

Educate yourself about what a C-section will entail, what it’ll be like, what the circumstances will be, and discuss that with your doctor just in case. Knowing what’s ahead of you if you need to travel down the C-section road will help you cope with that scenario better than if it’s thrown at you as a surprise.

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Plan for a Possible C-Section

Our emergency C-section with our firstborn was a surprise that came after 24 hours of labor. And it didn’t go so well, because we had not really planned for that possibility.

If you plan for the possibility, you’ll know what to expect. Then, if it comes to that, it won’t be such a surprise and such a mental burden.

If you sense that your doctor is not supportive of your desire to deliver the twins naturally, it might be worth the hassle to find another doctor that will be supportive of your wishes. It’s OK to change doctors, if this is the case.

Always remember what is most important, and that is that you want both your babies to arrive healthily into the world. If all other plans fall apart, the safe and healthy delivery of your babies is your ultimate goal. Keep that in perspective as you’re planning for your twins’ arrival.

This question was originally addressed on the Dad’s Guide to Twins Podcast episode 27: Worried About Twin C-Section, Bathing Infants, Hospital Bills.

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