Photo Tips for Twins

Joe Rawlinson by Joe Rawlinson - June 14, 2016

Photo Tips for Twins

When it is time to take pictures, there are some photo tips for twins you can follow to make the experience better for everyone involved. Some tips apply at all ages; others will change as your twins grow up.

Together — and separate

When taking photos of your twins, you’ll want to remember that twins are individuals. Of course you may want a picture of the two of them, but consider having individual photos taken as well. This will help them develop their own identity.


It will be up to you to decide whether your twins will wear matching outfits in their photos. You could let them wear different clothes for their individual photos. Whatever you decide, there are a few guidelines that always apply. Brightly colored clothing or clothes with loud designs can distract from the main point of the photo — your twins’ faces. Also, consider bringing the clothing to the photo shoot and changing into it there. This reduces the chance of spills or accidents that could spoil the outfits.

Don’t make it a chore

In my experience, some children don’t mind standing still or smiling on request, but others don’t like being bossed around. Rather than shouting orders at the twins during their photo shoot, think of ways to make it fun for them. Ask them for pose ideas or have a game to see who can make the best smile. As your twins get older and begin to have a mind of their own, it may help to explain to them what will happen at the photo shoot so they can cooperate.


Whether you take your own photos of your twins or hire a photographer, you may want to schedule a time for the photo shoot that agrees with your twins’ schedule. Take photos when your twins are rested and fed, like after a nap and meal. Trying to shoot photos of twins later in the day when they are tired is asking for trouble.

It’s hard enough to get one child to sit still for a nice photo, and the difficulty is compounded with twins. It may help to remember that, even if there are no perfect smiles, the photos capture how your twins are will make memories. Remember these photo tips for twins and your photo shoots should go a little smoother.

What are some of your favorite photo tips for twins?

Picture by Russell Harrison.

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  1. Embrace the chaos! When my twins were tiny I would cover the glider in their room with a plain white fitted sheet (as a neutral backdrop) and prop them up on it to take pictures. I even stacked wooden blocks spelling out “Three Months Old” or “First Halloween” or whatever. I never considered what I would do when they got big enough to knock over the blocks or start interacting with each other instead of looking at the camera. Once I let go of how I thought the pictures “should” look, I got some awesome shots! You have to just go with it. You’ll save your sanity and capture the kids’ personalities better!


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