How to Prepare Your House for the Arrival of Twins

Joe Rawlinson by Joe Rawlinson - April 25, 2017

One of the major concerns about twins is understanding what you need to do to get your house ready for their arrival.

Twins Talking in Cribs

Infant twins don’t take up a lot of space so you can often make do with even limited living space. Remember their basic needs are simple in those early weeks: eating, changing diapers, sleeping. If you have a place and the supplies for those things, you’ll be fine.

Place to Sleep

Will you have the twins in your room or in their own room? When you bring them home from the hospital, you need a place for them to sleep. Where will that be in your house? Think through your plans for those first few nights at home – perhaps they will be in your room. Then think about long-term sleeping arrangements – likely in their own room.

Place to Eat

Think about where you’ll feed your infant twins. Will it be in a rocking chair? In the nursery, or the family room?

You’ll need a comfortable place where you can sit and feed the twins. Make sure this will let you feed both at the same time.

Place to Change Diapers

Twin babies go through lots of diapers. Newborn twins can go through 20 diapers a day. You’ll need a place to change them. This could be a dedicated changing table or just on the floor. Yes, you could even use your bed – but remember that they might have an accident or leakage. Do you want that mess on your bed?

Place for Baby Stuff

You need a place to store your baby clothes, diapers, and supplies. A simple changing table or dedicated furniture will work.

Baby Proofing

You don’t have to baby proof your house before your twins come home. Baby proofing requires that you prevent trouble that could be within a baby’s reach. As newborns, your twins can’t reach anything and aren’t mobile. If you are short on time, you can wait to baby proof your home until later.

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