Should You Use Leashes for Twins?

Joe Rawlinson by Joe Rawlinson - November 20, 2014

leash for your twinsOnce your twins get mobile, they will be off to the races. It is hard to contain toddler twins, especially when they run in opposite directions. This can be a safety concern, especially when out in public. Because of these realities, you may be considering getting leashes for your twins.

Should you use leashes on your twins?

We used the kid leashes with our twin daughters when they were toddlers. They do come in handy, especially when traveling.

Safety First

The whole reason for using leashes for twins is you want your kids to be safe. You don’t want to lose them or have them run off and get into danger.

Consider your twins’ safety when deciding which leash to buy and when to use them.

Other People’s Opinions

When you put your twins in leashes and go out in public, you’ll get reactions from other people. You’ll notice weird looks or even scoffs and laughs.

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You’re the one with the twins and your hands full.

If the leashes are keeping your twins safe, you shouldn’t care what others think.

Tug of War

One thing to note is that the twins will run every which way, and soon the leashes will be tangled and twisted.

Additionally if you are holding one leash in each hand, your twins will always seem to run in different directions. Your arms will feel like they are getting pulled out. So hang on tight!

Leashes As Backup

If you solely rely on the leashes to keep your twins in line, you’ll fail miserably. Your constant companion with the leashes should be setting expectations with your twins.

Use the leashes as a safety net to keep them for wandering too far, but remember: twins aren’t dogs.

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Teach them to hold your hand and walk by your side. Explain why they should stay near you and praise them when they do.

Practice Time

We found the leashes extremely helpful with our twins when we’d make big trips or go on vacation. Of all the things to worry about on a trip, you don’t want to worry about your twins running off.

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However, if you wait until your trip to try out your leashes, your twins may revolt. Try them on and use them around the house or at the grocery store. This way, they will be able to adjust and be used to the leashes on your big trip.

Stuffed Animal Leash for Twins

Leashes Won’t Last Forever

Eventually your twins will outgrow your leashes. Either they will be old enough to hold your hand and stay put, or they will constantly be unbuckling their harnesses.

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Which Leash Should You Get For Your Twins?

Our twins did well with leashes that looked more like a backpack or teddy bear than a dog leash. Our girls loved the stuffed animal backpack leashes and wore them for fun around the house.

The extra bonus of a backpack leash is that you can stash kids’ toys or a sippy cup in there and not have to carry it yourself.

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  1. We’re heading to Sesame Place for my twins’ 2nd birthday this summer, and the thought of trying to wrestle them in and out of the stroller for rides, shows, etc was giving me serious anxiety! I always said I wouldn’t be one of “those” parents who puts their kid on a leash, but here we are. As you mentioned, their safety is paramount and I really don’t care what kind of looks we might get. We’ve practiced with their backpacks already and actually, they each held my hand pretty well and I didn’t have to rely on just the leash, so it made me feel a little better. Glad to know I’m not the only one turning into one of “those” parents! LOL


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