Should You Have Staggered Feedings with Twins?

Joe Rawlinson by Joe Rawlinson - February 13, 2018

Should you have staggered feedings with twins? The answer to this question will determine your daily schedule and even your sanity.

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When we talk about staggered feedings, I mean that you feed one twin, finish the job, then take a turn and feed the other twin. You feed them one after the other all day long.

There are several advantages of keeping your twins on the same schedule. These include having your twins know what to expect and the improved chances that you’ll get a break. However, when you stagger your twins’ feedings, you lose these benefits.

Disadvantages of Staggered Feedings

If you choose to stagger feedings with your twins, it will seem like you are always feeding them. Your days will become never-ending rotations of babies eating. This can get old (and exhausting) really quick.

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When you stagger feedings, you get few or no breaks from childcare. Even when twins are young, you can do things together with them during their daily routines. Staggering breaks up that possibility.

Your twins will get into a routine of eating and then shortly thereafter sleeping. Staggered feeding schedules will get your twins’ sleep schedules out of sync. This will make for even rougher nights.

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Staggering feedings during the day is manageable but hard to sustain during the night when you so desperately want to go back to bed.

Advantages of Staggered Feedings

The big advantage of staggered feedings for your twins is that one person can handle all the feedings.

If tandem breast feeding of your twins isn’t working, staggering the feedings will be easier.

What We Did

We chose to keep our twins on the same schedule. While you can stagger feedings and schedules, it does complicate the logistics of doing anything other than taking care of your twins.

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The good news is that you can change your mind if a schedule isn’t working. Try something, stick to it, and if you realize it just isn’t going to work, be flexible and adapt. Twins require creativity and quick adaption.

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