Stroller Connectors: Make Your Own Twin Stroller

Joe Rawlinson by Joe Rawlinson - July 28, 2023

Stroller Connectors: Make Your Own Twin Stroller

Your twins will need a stroller. If you already have an umbrella stroller (perhaps from another child) and don’t want to buy a big twin stroller, you do have some options. Stroller connectors are the magic ingredient that can turn two ordinary umbrella strollers into a double twin stroller.

The advantage of using umbrella stroller connectors is that you can create a double umbrella stroller for a fraction of the cost of an official double stroller.

How Stroller Connectors Work

To make your own double umbrella stroller, you’ll need two identical umbrella strollers and some double stroller connectors.

Stroller connectors will allow you to push both twins around, by yourself! This is a huge plus because you don’t always have someone to help with your twins.

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These connectors work by connecting two umbrella strollers together at multiple points. They firmly keep the same spacing between the strollers. This allows you to push both strollers without their tires getting intertwined or having one stroller swerve off the path.

Prince Lionheart Stroller Connectors

Prince Lionheart stroller connectors are the only major product on the market. These connectors should work well, assuming you have two of the same stroller that you are trying to connect.

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If you already have a stroller, try to buy another just like it. You could also buy two cheap umbrella strollers on sale for creating your own twin stroller.

prince lionsheart stroller connectors

The Prince Lionheart stroller connectors include three adapters made of sturdy plastic that link your two strollers together.

Challenges of Stroller Connectors

Depending on your type of stroller, the connector pieces might not lock securely around the stroller frame.

Some parents report that the front wheels of their strollers will swivel and interfere with each other. This can bring you to a screeching halt on your walk.

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Double check your fellow parents’ stroller connector reviews to confirm these connectors will work with your strollers.

Stroller Connectors vs New Stroller

The safest stroller for your two children is a dedicated double umbrella stroller. These are manufactured and tested for this exact purpose.

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Stroller connectors, while functional, also depend on your installation and the stroller type to be safe.

Your cost is another option to consider. I’m assuming you already have a single umbrella stroller which is why you’re looking at attaching another. To save money, you might be better off just purchasing a new double umbrella stroller.

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Let’s look at those numbers:

If you buy $20 stroller connectors and a single umbrella stroller for $80. You’ve spent $100.

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You can buy a brand new, highly rated double umbrella stroller for just $70. If you sell your single umbrella to a consignment store or on Craigslist, you’ll cover some of this cost.

If you want to guarantee a safe stroller experience and not have to worry about whether a stroller connector will fit, if the wheels will crash into each other, or if the connectors are stable, just go buy a new double umbrella stroller.

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DIY Stroller Connectors

So you want to build your own stroller connectors? I admire your engineering skills. Even if you buy a Prince Lionheart connector, you may still need to modify it slightly to fit your strollers. As such, you could simply build your own double stroller connectors.

Remember that your twins’ safety is your top priority. If your stroller connector breaks, you may have a runaway stroller with one of your precious babies aboard!

That said, you can probably mimic a connector that you buy with any of the following:

  • Gear ties
  • Velcro straps
  • Zip ties
  • PVC pipes

Here’s how one mom created her own DIY double stroller with Nite Ize Gear Ties:

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If you are really short on cash, DIY stroller connectors might be an option. However, the pre-made connectors are so cheap that you could easily get one of those and save time and money.

As DIY projects aren’t always perfect, I can’t guarantee you’ll create the safest stroller system for your kids. When in doubt, just buy a new double umbrella stroller.

I talk more about this and other ways to help with your twins in Chapter Eight of my book, the Dad’s Guide to Raising Twins: How to Thrive as a Father of Twins.

You can use stroller connectors to link two umbrella strollers to form a DIY double stroller for your twins. Here's what you need to know to make it work for your children.

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31 thoughts on “Stroller Connectors: Make Your Own Twin Stroller”

  1. Hey Joe,

    Great idea!!!

    We have TWO sets of twins! The bigs are 3+ and the babies are almost 10 months. I’ve been looking for a quad stroller but can’t afford one.
    I’m going to try to figure out a way to link FOUR umbrella strollers together. I’ll send a pic if I’m successful. Wonder if these connectors will work for the front to back aspect also.

  2. Joe I have a question for you I’m a grandmother and I was on my way to the doctor this morning I saw a lady pushing a baby and then up the block another baby left all alone I came to find out both babies were hers but one was not a baby but a disabled child in what seems to be a heavy duty on brother stroller I was very concerned and told her not to do that in the fire department was there and recommended the same but she herself is disabled and cannot push both how do we make these strollers connect and can we use the connectors I’m trying to help this lady problem solved

    • @Arleen – I think your advice to connect the strollers is great and would definitely help this lady. The stroller connectors are designed to fit many strollers but you’ll need to review the details of each product to see if it will fit the strollers properly.

  3. Hi Joe,

    So I have twins and wanted a stroller that would be light weight and take less space in my car for day to day purposes than my bulky double stroller. I was looking into double umbrella strollers and happened to come across the munchkin stroller links and thought what a great idea. It is much more affordable to purchase two umbrella stroller and the links than to purchase a double umbrella stroller so I instantly bought them. But I have a major issue with the front wheels entangling and it is a huge source of frustration. I didn’t know if you had any ideas that could be helpful to fix this issue before I give up on the links.

    Thank you

    • @Becky – A few things to try:

      Remove one set of the front wheels from one stroller where they connect. This will only work, of course, if you don’t want to use the single stroller by itself.

      If the wheels rotate on the front and this causes the entangling, try binding them together with duct tape.

      Try forcing more space between the front wheels with a block of wood, pvc pipe, or another spacer.

      Good luck!

  4. if you have the strollers connected, is is easy to fold and store and then open again without having to take the connectors off? I have twins and need something to get them out of the car and to daycare but I dont want to have to connect them everytime I need to use the stroller.

    They are almost of our their carriers and I am stumped. I already have two identical umbrella strollers and I am hoping this will work out for me!!


  5. Hi i have a light weight stroller i used for my oldest son and i just bought the. Stroller connectors because i was planning on getting another lightweight strolller will it work with the connectors? Do they only work with umbrellas strollers? Please advise ?

    • @Theresa – You can make anything work if you use enough duct tape. However, since I haven’t tried using duct tape to join two strollers, I can’t confirm that.

    • @Eric – my guess is that while it might work to connect, you’d have too wide a load to be manageable. You wouldn’t fit through doors, down hallways, or on a sidewalk.

  6. We had the same idea for our boys (not twins), and tried the Prince Lionheart ones. Unfortunately we found the newly formed double stroller is now too wide to fit through many doors and into elevators (we live in NYC so this is a necessity). So disappointed :-(

    • @Veronica – these connectors won’t be a perfect fit. Parents report that they work but are loose. So maybe not the best solution for your strollers.

  7. Joe,
    My husband has a patent stroller coupler that we are desperately trying to get manufactured.
    We have a prototype and just recently had a 3D printout made. If the Twin community could help us out, someway, maybe we can get it out much sooner. I would love to see it in Walmart or Target. The coupler is attached as you open up the umbrella stroller, and when it is opened up all the way it locks into place, so it is secure and safe. If you type in ” Stroller Coupler Patent,” my husband’s (Michael Turk) patent is the third one down, Patent US 7588256.

  8. Joe, I have a 16 month old grandson , 6 mo twin grandsons and another grandson on the way!!! Whew!! I was wondering if I could connect 2 baby trend sit and stand strollers together just for walks outside? And ais it easy to disconnect so we can use them separate if we want?

    • @Jodi – I don’t think these stroller connectors will work with the configuration you’re describing. Plus with four kids, things might be a bit too unmanageable in maneuvering everything and every one.


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