Teaching Your Twins How to Swim

Joe Rawlinson by Joe Rawlinson - April 26, 2017


Safety First

The most important thing to remember while taking your twins swimming is to be safe. This means that your personal enjoyment takes second place to the safety of your kids.

You are the lifeguard for your children when you are at the pool – especially when they are very young. Don’t forget that responsibility, even if there is an official lifeguard where you are swimming.

One at a Time

As with many things with your twins, you don’t always have to do everything at the same time.

When your twins first start to learn to swim, you can teach them one at a time. If you’re lucky and have your spouse with you, you can each take a twin and work with them in the water.

Flotation Devices

Our twins used ring floats, life vests, and arm floaties for many summers as they started to master swimming unassisted.

Get Lessons

We took advantage of swimming lessons at our local community pool for the last several summers. They had classes for different ages and skill levels. Look for similar opportunities where you live.

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After the class is over (our classes were two week sessions), practice what your kids learned with them. By reinforcing the skills they have learned and getting them more comfortable in the water, they will make much faster progress than if you left all the training to just the lesson instructor.

Take Turns

We’ve seen success taking turns helping each of our girls while the other watches. For example, my wife will help one daughter with her swimming strokes and kicks while the other daughter sits on the steps and plays (or watches).

This also helps give some positive peer pressure to each other to encourage them to practice and see the reward for achievement or praise from Mom and Dad.

Watch for Different Skill Levels

Just like many things with your twins, they will each learn to swim at different paces. You may likely have one child who is like a fish – swimming effortlessly from the start. The other sibling may be terrified of the water.

Tailor your time in the water to each child’s unique needs. Build on their respective strengths and be patient.

Swimming with your twins is fun but it will be some work up front to make sure they have a safe time in the water.

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