Tips to Enjoy the Quickly Passing Moments with Infant Twins

Joe Rawlinson by Joe Rawlinson - January 15, 2020

Newborn twins will wear you out and make you miserable — if you let them. However, the misery can be countered by the happy and joyful moments of watching your little twins.

Infant Twin Sisters

If you don’t pay attention to the joy of your little twins, you’ll soon realize they have grown up and you didn’t notice.

Here are some tips to help you to savor the early months with your twins.


Go into your twins’ room and watch them sleep. I loved watching our girls when they were newborns and sleeping in the same crib. They always tended to lean into each other. As they started to move about, they often ended up in very random sleeping arrangements with parts of one twin on top of the other.

What quirks can you observe with your sleeping twins? How does that change as they get older?

Tummy Time

Tummy time with any newborn is fun. Put two newborns on the floor and you get a real show. Each experiences the frustration of trying to lift her head off the floor but also interacts with the other twin. Tummy time with twins promises to never have a dull moment.

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Pay close attention to how your twins interact with each other and you during tummy time. Get down on the floor and encourage your newborns verbally. Do they respond in sync or are they each doing their own thing?


Nothing is cuter than smiling babies. You’ll eventually reach the stage when your twins smile because they are happy instead of a bodily process or for some physical reaction.

Can you make your twins smile? Does the same thing make both smile, giggle, or laugh?


When breastfeeding didn’t work with our twin girls, we successfully bottle fed them. This was a great opportunity for me as a Dad to participate in the process. I loved holding one of my little girls and hearing the sounds of her rhythmically drinking her latest meal. It amazed me how they could seemingly be asleep and yet still down an entire bottle of formula. Other times it was a challenge to even get them awake enough to feed if they had fallen asleep.

I loved playing with my baby’s toes or fingers when feeding them. What can you admire about your little one during feeding time?

What eating habits do your twins have? Is one a good eater and the other not? What sounds do they make? What mannerisms make you smile?

Holding Both Twins

Nothing makes you feel more like a parent of twins than holding both at the same time. Newborn twins can easily be held in a double football hold. However, that won’t last forever, so enjoy it while you can.

How many different ways can you hold your twins? How can you pick them both up by yourself?

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Take a second look at the day-to-day interactions with your twins. See past the repetition and trials and focus on the special moments you can share with both of them.

Picture by Nayelli Rodriguez

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