Traveling with Twins – Tips and Tricks to Make it Easy

Joe Rawlinson by Joe Rawlinson - July 9, 2018

Traveling with Twins - Tips and Tricks to Make it Easy
Traveling with twins is a challenge but it doesn’t have to be impossible. A successful trip with your twins begins with good planning. It will be more fun for mom and dad as long as a lot of thought goes into preparing for your trip.

What to Pack When Traveling with Twins

The best thing to do is make a list of all items you wish to bring along, including any snacks, toys, clothing, diapers, and toiletries. Your packing list will vary based on your twins’ age but every twin (regardless of age) will need provisions for food, water, potty, clothing, and entertainment.

When traveling with twins, you will need to be sure you have such items as:

  • Formula, bottles, nipples, jars of food, diapers, rash ointments and baby wipes for infant twins.
  • Baby or child toiletries such as shampoos, baby wash, cloths, etc.
  • Food snacks such as carrot sticks, teething biscuits or cookies, raisins, breadsticks, fruit bars, juice boxes, finger sandwiches and rice cakes.
  • Pacifiers, food dishes, food utensils and wipes or damp cloth in a plastic bag for sticky fingers and faces.
  • An outfit for each day away, along with a couple of extras for those unavoidable accidents.
  • An extra shirt for each parent, easily accessible during travel in the case of spit ups.
  • Toys: some old and some new for a wide variety to avoid boredom and be captivated by the “new” factor
  • Sunscreen and/or bug spray depending on your destination
  • Double Umbrella stroller – easier to travel with unless your twins are too young to sit in them.
  • A camera and/or video camera and extra memory cards
  • Tylenol, Benadryl or any other medication your twins may need on, during or after the travel.

Traveling with Twins by Plane

Air travel is difficult and costly because of charges on luggage and seats. If your twins are under age 2, they can ride on your lap for free. However, if they are in their own seat, it is nice to have them buckled into their car seats so they don’t run all over the plane.

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When flying with twins, you will want to pack lightly and focus primarily on your children’s needs. Sorry, you probably won’t be able to relax much on the plane! Make a list of all necessities and stick to your list. Just the necessities alone for yourselves and the twins will be enough luggage to haul on a plane.

Traveling with Twins by Car

Car travel and surviving a road trip with twins can be a little easier because you are not limited as to what you can bring (like on the plane). You will want to bring everything listed above but may prefer a more bulky twin stroller rather than the double umbrella stroller. It may be necessary to carry high chairs or twin booster seats if space allows and you know that none will be available at your destination.

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Someone may need to sit with the twins in the back seat to keep them entertained. A portable movie player (DVD or tablet) and some of their favorite shows can help to keep them occupied for long distances. Also, remember car games for their age group. Frequent stops may be needed when traveling by car. Your twins (like most kids) will always need to go potty right after your last stop.

Preparing for Your Destination

Research your destination and find restaurants and entertainment options that will meet your family’s needs. When we travel, we have to find food-allergy friendly eateries and try to identify those ahead of time so we don’t have to scramble at the last minute.

Identify hotels or lodging that match your family’s size and needs. We always enjoy staying in a vacation home as that gives us extra space and separation from the sleeping children. However, that isn’t always realistic or in the budget. Finding a hotel with room for a pack-n-play or a sofa bed for the kids does require some advanced planning.

As your twins get older, you can involve them in planning your family vacation, including where you’ll go and what you’ll be doing.

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When traveling with twins, make lists to prepare, be flexible, and have a great time!

What should you do when traveling with twins? Here's what to pack, how to prepare, and what you need to survive your trip with your twins.

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  1. One strategy my wife and I used when traveling in airports with newborn twins was to dress them the same, thereby maximizing the cuteness factor. Get people to gush over your identical twins, and they’re more forgiving of the fact that you have to go through the airport with two babies, two backpacks full of baby necessities, a double stroller, two car seats, two suitcases, and a huge duffel bag full of diapers, formula, clothes, blankets, and a breast pump.

    Also, remember to take food for yourself. It’s not always possible to run out to grab a slice of pizza or a bagel or whatever with all the demands twins bring, so make sure you stash some granola bars or something to keep your own strength up; you’ll need it!

    • @Nathaniel – thanks for sharing your tips! I definitely agree that we should take advantage of our twins’ cuteness for any and all benefits during a stressful trip.


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