Twin Baby Log Book – Review

Joe Rawlinson by Joe Rawlinson - September 5, 2017

In the early months with twins, time blurs and your memory fails you. The sleep deprivation makes it nearly impossible to keep track of what is happening.

Unfortunately, this can cause serious issues when you are trying to remember which baby ate last and how much they had.

All this combines to remind you that you need a daily baby log book for your babies.

A daily log will help you ensure that your babies are eating, pooping, and sleeping as they should. This makes identifying problems much easier and can aid in conversations with your pediatrician.

But guess what? Daily logs don’t have to be just a plain piece of paper. If you invest in a more permanent journal, you can preserve your twins’ early growth and progress for later. Yes, you could even pull it out at their wedding to embarrass them.

In light of this, I was excited to hear from the creator of the “Feed Me, Change Me, Love Me” Baby Tracker Journal. Her creation offers a beautiful journal that will help track your babies’ daily progress.

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The journal is spiral bound so it is durable enough to last the year it will be in your service:

Spiral bound journal

Each page of the journal features a weekly format of feedings and sleep patterns so you can spot and encourage a routine with your twins:

sample page from inside journal

The twin baby log book has about 250 pages which include a milestones page, vaccine records page, and 52 weeks of tracking charts. Charts help you track the basics like bowel movements, nursing/feeding patterns, pumping, etc.

There are also spaces for note taking and reminders. This is handy when you and your spouse are trading off care and need to know what happened during the other parent’s shift.

Click here to see more details on the baby tracker journal or to order.

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  1. I wish this book was around when my twins were born! It’s exactly what i scribbled in my notebook, but much better organized and in such a convenient size!

  2. Love this site, Joe! It’s been a great resource. I ended up making an Excel spreadsheet that performs a similar function, complete with baths and drops. Anyone who wants a copy just comment here and I’ll send it to you…


    Adam – new father of twin girls born 10/8/15


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