27 Cute Twin Baby Shower Themes

Joe Rawlinson by Joe Rawlinson - May 23, 2024

Celebrating the impending arrival of your twins is a joyous occasion that calls for a special twin baby shower.

When it comes to planning a memorable twin baby shower, selecting the right theme can set the tone for a fantastic event for your family and friends.

Whether you’re organizing a shower for expectant parents of twins or you’re the twin-parent-to-be, here are the best twin baby shower themes, complete with descriptions of decorations, snacks, and gift ideas to make the celebration doubly delightful.

Even if you’ve already had a baby shower before for your other children, it is just fine to have another baby shower for your twins.

Thing 1 & Thing 2

Photo by @prettysweetcookies

Decorations: Dr. Seuss themed decor with blues and reds. See The Cat in the Hat book for reference.
Snacks: Decorated cookies with images from the Dr. Seuss book.
Gift Ideas: Matching onesies with Thing 1 & Thing 2 patterns.

Taco ‘Bout Twins:

Photo by @divina.jandusay

Decorations: All the tacos. Cactus and southwest themed imagery.
Snacks: Taco bar with various types of tacos and toppings. Chips and salsa.
Gift Ideas: Baby clothing with cactus and taco humorous designs.

Teddy Bear Twins:

Photo by @galistayloredcakes

Decorations: Teddy bear-themed decor and giant teddy bear centerpieces.
Snacks: Teddy bear-shaped cookies and gummy bears.
Gift Ideas: Matching teddy bear onesies and plush teddy bears.

Two Peas in a Pod:

Photo by @anacamacholord

Decorations: Green and white decor, pea pod centerpieces.
Snacks: Pea-themed or green snacks like guacamole and sugar snap peas.
Gift Ideas: Twin baby outfits with peas in a pod design and matching pea pod or green crib bedding.

Baby Safari:

Photo by @papita_ruachevents

Decorations: Safari animals and greenery.
Snacks: Jungle-themed cupcakes and animal crackers.
Gift Ideas: Stuffed safari animals and safari-themed baby bedding.

Two Little Cuties:

Photo by @1whiteflowerevents

Decorations: Orange colors with citrus and tropical themed touches.
Snacks: Mandarin oranges, orange juice, cheeses, Doritos, orange frosted cupcakes.
Gift Ideas: Orange colored baby clothing, crib sheets, bath towels

Double the Love:

Photo by @sw_anna_clayton_1003

Decorations: Decorate with hearts, lovebirds, and romantic elements.
Snacks: Heart-shaped cookies and sandwiches.
Gift Ideas: Matching “Mom” and “Dad” mugs and personalized lovebird baby onesies.

Sweet Dreams:

Photo by @nedas_cakes_and_bakes

Decorations: Clouds, stars, and moon decorations.
Snacks: Moon-shaped sandwiches and star-shaped cookies.
Gift Ideas: Baby mobile with hanging stars and moon-themed nursery decor.

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Woodland Creatures:

Photo by @cakeartbyclaudia

Decorations: Forest-themed decor with cute woodland animals.
Snacks: Forest-inspired snacks and animal-shaped cookies.
Gift Ideas: Woodland-themed baby clothes and crib mobile.

Ice Cream Social:

Photo by @zoellaballoons

Decorations: Ice cream-themed decor with pastel colors.
Snacks: Ice cream sundae bar and ice cream cone cookies.
Gift Ideas: Ice cream-themed baby onesies and baby blankets.

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Noah’s Ark Adventure:

Decorations: Use animal-themed decor and an ark-shaped centerpiece. Have pairs of different animals.
Snacks: Serve animal-shaped cookies and a fruit platter.
Gift Ideas: Animal-themed baby blankets and onesies.

Superhero Twins:

Decorations: Comic book-style decor with capes and masks using dynamic duos like Batman & Robin or Superman and Superwoman
Snacks: Superhero-themed cupcakes and cookies.
Gift Ideas: Superhero onesies and bibs.

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Double Trouble:

Decorations: Black and white stripes with “Double Trouble” banners.
Snacks: Mini black and white cupcakes or highlight the number two.
Gift Ideas: Matching “Double Trouble” onesies and bibs.

Vintage Twins:

Decorations: Vintage baby items, lace, and soft pastels.
Snacks: Tea party-style finger sandwiches and pastries.
Gift Ideas: Vintage-inspired baby clothing and antique baby accessories.

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Double the Joy:

Decorations: Rainbow colors and double rainbows.
Snacks: Rainbow fruit skewers and rainbow-colored candies.
Gift Ideas: Rainbow-themed baby blankets and onesies.

Two Little Mermaids:

Decorations: Under the sea decor with seashells and mermaid tails.
Snacks: Seafood appetizers and seashell-shaped cookies.
Gift Ideas: Mermaid-themed baby outfits and ocean-themed nursery decor.

Nautical Adventure:

Decorations: Navy blue and white stripes with anchors and sailboats.
Snacks: Nautical-themed cupcakes and anchor-shaped sandwiches.
Gift Ideas: Nautical-themed baby clothes and crib bedding.

Little Astronauts:

Decorations: Space-themed decor with planets and rocket ships.
Snacks: Space-themed cupcakes and use fruit as planet decorations.
Gift Ideas: Space-themed baby mobile and astronaut baby onesies.

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Garden Party Twins:

Decorations: Floral arrangements and garden-themed decor.
Snacks: Flower-shaped sandwiches and butterfly cupcakes.
Gift Ideas: Garden-themed baby blankets and onesies.

Buns in the Oven:

Decorations: Oven-themed decor with kitchen utensils and table cloths.
Snacks: Mini quiches and cinnamon buns.
Gift Ideas: Little chef or baker themed onesies and baking-themed baby toys.

Double Decker Bus:

Decorations: London-inspired decor with double-decker buses.
Snacks: British tea and scones.
Gift Ideas: London-themed baby clothes and nursery decor.

Cowboy and Cowgirl Twins:

Decorations: Western-themed decor with cowboy boots and hats.
Snacks: BBQ snacks and Western-themed cupcakes.
Gift Ideas: Cowboy and cowgirl baby outfits and Western-themed baby bedding.

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Wild West Roundup:

Decorations: Western rodeo decor with cowboy hats and lassos.
Snacks: Chili and cornbread.
Gift Ideas: Rodeo-themed baby clothes and cowboy booties.

Movie Night Twins:

Decorations: Hollywood-style decor with film reels and popcorn.
Snacks: Popcorn bar and movie-themed cupcakes.
Gift Ideas: Movie-themed baby onesies and baby blankets.

Carnival Twins:

Decorations: Circus-themed decor with balloons and cotton candy.
Snacks: Carnival food like cotton candy and popcorn.
Gift Ideas: Circus-themed baby clothes and crib bedding.

Twin Tutus and Bow Ties:

Decorations: Tutus and bow ties decor in pink and blue.
Snacks: Mini cupcakes and petit fours.
Gift Ideas: Tutu and bow tie baby outfits and ballet-themed nursery decor.

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Beach Babies:

Decorations: Beach-themed decor with seashells and beach balls.
Snacks: Beach-inspired snacks and sandcastle cupcakes.
Gift Ideas: Beach-themed baby outfits and ocean-themed nursery decor.

Your Twin Baby Shower:

Schedule your twin baby shower so that you are sure to celebrate before the twins arrive (as they do tend to arrive early).

Choosing a theme for your twin baby shower can make the celebration all the more special. From adorable animals to whimsical adventures, these twin baby shower themes offer a range of options to suit any expectant parent’s style.

If you’re looking for a way to celebrate the expectant twin dad, I recommend a food themed twin baby shower.

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Have fun with the decor and celebrations but remember to encourage practical gifts that you’ll need for your twins including those items on your twin baby registry.

With the right decorations, snacks, and gift ideas, you can create a memorable event that celebrates the arrival of two little bundles of joy. Double the fun, double the love!

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