Twin Discounts on Formula

Joe Rawlinson by Joe Rawlinson - December 7, 2012

Twins eat a lot of food as infants. You’ll spend every couple of hours feeding your newborn twins. If you decide to (or need to) bottle feed instead of breast feed your twins, costs can add up rather quickly. To help ease the financial burden, you’ll need to get some twin discounts on formula. With some proper sleuth work and some trusty advice from the pediatrician, you should be able to save some money and still get your babes the nutrition they need.

Organizing formula for your twin feedings

Formula from the Hospital

While at the hospital, the nursing staff supplemented my wife’s breast milk with formula to keep our twins well fed.

When we left for home, our nurses gave us several containers of baby formula to take with us. These were all single serving size containers but worked great for us. The formula from the hospital came in handy when feeding our girls at home.

Before you leave the hospital, ask your nurses for extra formula and other supplies that you can have. Remember: it never hurts to ask!

Pediatrician Discounts

Some pediatricians will give you a free bottle of formula (or more) if they have it in stock. Ask every time you go for your well baby checkups with the twins. Remember: it never hurts to ask!

In addition, your pediatrician will have information about twin discounts on formula directly from manufacturers. We picked up a few forms from our doctor that we filled out and mailed in to the companies. This effort resulted in free baby formula shipped to our house. One shipment was liquid formula which was a little different from the powdered version we were using, but it is hard to turn down “free” formula.

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Big-Box Member Stores

When we learned that our girls were not going to be able to continue breastfeeding, we decided to start buying formula from Costco. They (and other similar stores) sell big volumes of formula at a discounted rate. Keep in mind that there are also several other ways to get free stuff for twins so try all your options before paying full price.

Remember that there are several twin discounts on formula that you can get. Ask your medical professionals, reach out to manufacturers, and shop wisely, and you’ll never have to pay full price.

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