Prime Big Deal Days for Twin Families

Joe Rawlinson by Joe Rawlinson - October 10, 2023

I curated a list of great Prime Big Deals for your twin family. Check out this amazing gear that is on sale today (purchasing through these links will help support Dad’s Guide to Twins).

Click or tap images below to see actual sales prices that are still available:

Double Strollers

Inline, side by side, and wagon strollers:

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Car Seats for Twins

Car seats that grow with your twins and booster seats for older twins:


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Cribs for Twins

Remember to get each twin their own crib:

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Diapers for Twins

Your twins will literally go through thousands of diapers so you might as well save all the money you can:

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For Twins in the Kitchen

A booster seat to join you at the table:

Sippy cups for your twins’ favorite beverage:

Bibs to control the mess:

Baby bottles:

Twin Gender Predictor Calculator

Just for Fun

Playmat for tummy time and beyond:

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