Twinniest Twins Book Review

Joe Rawlinson by Joe Rawlinson - September 27, 2017

Let’s face it, your twins are unique.

The fact that they are twins sets them apart from most of their friends, classmates, and siblings.

Unfortunately, there are only a few books out there about life as a twin that are written for twins.

That’s why I was happy to hear from the author of a new children’s book, “The Twinniest Twins” that was written and designed specifically for young twins.

The Twinniest Twins

Author Amy Kuhr has put together a wonderful children’s book sharing some of the joys of being a twin.

“The Twinniest Twins” has some cute and colorful illustrations that will keep your twins interested as you read together.

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A few things stood out to me in this book that make it a great read.

First, the story centers around fraternal boy/girl twins. Immediately, this breaks the stereotype of twins always being the same gender.

If you have fraternal twins, they will likely relate to the characters in this book more easily than other “twin” books that tend to feature identical twins.

Inside The Twinniest Twins book

Second, the story highlights some great principles that your twins should learn. Namely, that they are each individuals with unique personalities and interests. And that is totally fine!

Plus twins’ unique interests make it fun to spend time with and learn from each other.

Third, the twins in the book call out the typical comments that they likely hear out in public. No, “we are NOT double trouble!” I love that this teaches your twins that they can brush off those comments and not take them personally.

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As parents, you get bombarded by probing and awkward questions all the time. It is important to teach your twins how to handle those same questions when they are old enough to respond.

This book is targeted to readers from kindergarten to third grade (5-9 years old). But you can read it to younger twins as well. My nearly nine year old twins thought it was a bit too “baby” for them. However, since my girls are identical twins this book actually gave them a good look at the other type of twins (fraternal).

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You can learn more about the book at or order a copy on Amazon here.

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