When Do Twins Start Interacting with Each Other?

Joe Rawlinson by Joe Rawlinson - March 11, 2014

This question comes from a new parent of twins whose twin girls are 10 months old and she asks, “Can you tell me when the twins will start interacting with each other? They’re about 10 months old and it seems like they don’t really play with each other much.”

Twins playing together

When Twins Start Interacting

I think back to our twin daughters. Our girls were interacting with each other by about six to eight months, so your girls, if they’re already 10 months old, they’re probably on the verge of doing so as well.

Often, infants tend to be in their own little worlds interacting with what’s directly in front of them and then they completely ignore their sibling, even if the sibling is right next to them or even touching them. Keep in mind that every twin is different and they will come around in their own due time. One twin may therefore be more interested in the other before that feeling is returned.

Having your twins interact and play with each other is a two-edged sword. While it is extremely cute and fun to watch, be prepared for the inevitable moment when both twins want the same toy at the same time. This will lead to physical interactions like grabbing or hitting that you’ll want to try and redirect to more positive behavior.

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So keep your eyes open because your twins will probably be interacting with each other before you know it. It will likely be in a situation that you weren’t quite expecting.

This question was originally addressed on the Dad’s Guide to Twins Podcast Episode 56: Good Sleep During Twin Pregnancy, Supporting Your Spouse, Twin Interactions.

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4 thoughts on “When Do Twins Start Interacting with Each Other?”

  1. True that they all do at diffent ages… our identical boy twins are now 6, and they started interacting as soon as they could move. They turned their heads and smiled at eachother, before they smiled at us! (At a few months old!) And one of the boys would cry whenever his brother was not next to him. Made feeding and diaper changing a bit inconvenient.

    • @Melanie – thanks for sharing your experience with your boys. I have always loved watching the special interactions each of our twins has with the other.

  2. My boys (2 months now) have been interacting since birth. Smiling plus fighting.
    Cute as hell. Especially when my wife gets mad that they’re hitting each other.
    I keep saying they’re brothers get used to it


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