Do I Need Two Pack ‘N Plays for My Twins?

Joe Rawlinson by Joe Rawlinson - November 5, 2020

Katie has a question about Pack ‘N Plays. She asks, “Do I need two Pack ‘N Plays for my twins?” In our case, we started with one Pack ‘N Play with our girls that they could share for sleeping when they were very small and we were traveling.

Pack n Play

Pack ‘N Play is Handy for Twins

If we were going to Grandma’s house or going to go stay with somebody, we’d take the Pack ‘N Play and set it up, and they could both sleep in there, just like they shared a crib when they were back at home. Later, it came in handy when we needed to separate our girls for nap time when we were even in our own house.

If there came a time when the girls would disrupt each other or would not fall asleep during nap time, so we needed to separate them to make that easier. One of the girls would be in her crib in the girls’ room, and the other girl we’d put in the Pack ‘N Play in our bedroom. This made it very easy for them to fall asleep more quickly, because they were free from distractions and from interrupting each other.

Ultimately, we ended up with two Pack ‘N Plays for when we’d travel. However, I believe we only flew with them once, and we only took one of them with us. We checked it as luggage, so we didn’t have to worry about carrying it on, because Pack ‘N Plays can be cumbersome.

Where to Find a Pack ‘N Play for Twins

My recommendation, just like we did, was try to get a Pack ‘N Play used from a friend or from a consignment store. This will save you a few dollars, and typically you can find one in a pretty good shape. Additionally, see if grandparents or your family or friends, for example, whoever it is that you’re going to be visiting, see if they wouldn’t mind purchasing Pack N Play for you to use when they’re at their house. Grandparents may be the most agreeable to this type of arrangement.

Then you only need to take one Pack ‘N Play with you when you travel or visit. Then you can use the other one that’s already at your destination. Getting a Pack ‘N Play may still be worth the investment, even if you can’t get one for free, or if you can’t get one used or from a thrift store. You can use it in your house, or you can use it when you travel.

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Two Pack ‘N Plays for Twins

While we did end up with two Pack ‘N Plays for our twins, we didn’t pay full price for them. We got them used. I don’t recommend that you go out and invest immediately in two brand new Pack ‘N Plays. Start with one, a used one that you can get for less money than you would otherwise. And then start to go from there to see how it’s used in your family and how it meets your individual needs.

This question was originally addressed on the Dad’s Guide to Twins Podcast episode 24: Dad’s Queasy Stomach During Twin C-Section, Transition from Childless Lifestyle, Pack N Plays .

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