Visiting Disneyland with Twins

Joe Rawlinson by Joe Rawlinson - April 26, 2017

Visiting Disneyland with Twins

We recently took our second trip to Disneyland with our family. The last time we went, our twin girls were 10 months old. This time they are nearly 4 years old. If you are planning a trip to Disneyland with your twins, here’s some things to remember to make your vacation great.

Kid-Friendly Rides

Many rides at Disneyland are kid friendly, even when the twins are very small. Be aware that even if height requirements are met, some rides need an adult to ride with the child until they are at least 7 years old.

An Adult for Each Twin

We saw a set of triplets who were probably about 5 years old walking around Disneyland with only their mother. She is braver than we are! I recommend that you have one adult for each of your twins.

Different Twins, Different Rides

Our girls demonstrated that they are definitely unique. Each had very distinct wishes about what rides to ride or not and what to do. One of our girls loved seeing all the princesses and getting their autographs. Our other girl wanted to ride rollercoasters like Big Thunder Mountain or Space Mountain repeatedly.

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Divide and Conquer

Be prepared to split up the family if needed to attend to the wishes of each twin. For example, I took our roller coaster-loving daughter and our sons on a ride while my wife waited with the other to see Rapunzel.

Kid Swapping on Rides

If your twins are too small to ride a ride but you still want to go, fear not. Disneyland will let you kid or baby swap so each parent can go on a ride. This will let one parent brave the lines while the other distracts the kids or takes them to see something else. When the riding parent is done, the other can get on the ride (typically by entering through the “exit”).

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Additionally, the Disneyland cast members are very accommodating if for some reason one of your kiddos backs out of a ride at the last minute. You can wait with the child while the rest of the family rides and then take a turn if you wish.

Our girls did fine waiting in line with us since Disneyland has very visually engaging surroundings for its wait lines. However, you kids may be more restless.

Twin Strollers in the Park

I believe I saw every double twin stroller that is made during our time at Disneyland. There is ample “stroller parking” for your twin stroller throughout the park for when you need to abandon your ride and stand in line. The bonus of a twin stroller is that you can use it as a pack mule for your jackets, snacks, souvenirs, etc.

On our previous visit when our girls were very young, we used our double umbrella stroller. We didn’t take a stroller this time because our girls had long since given that up. However, we saw plenty of “big” kids riding around in strollers in the park.

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Height Restrictions

Note that some rides have height restrictions. We had several Disney cast members stop and measure both our girls even though they are identical and the same height! So don’t get frustrated when you seem to repeat the same process over and over again with your twins.

Don’t Buy Double the Food

As with most amusement parks, Disneyland food is expensive. They have kid power packs with foods like cheese sticks, yogurt, fish crackers, and apple slices that we shared between our kids. Try to buy less “meals” than you have number of kids and you’ll likely be able to share across the family and still fill everyone up. This will save you a few dollars with each meal you eat at the park.

Disneyland will let you bring snacks and drinks into the park. Take advantage of this to bring some goodies to help your kids while waiting in line or between meals.

Disneyland is More Fun with Twins

We had a great time with our twins at Disneyland both times we’ve gone. If you make a few preparations and adjustments for your time in the park, you’ll have a wonderful time too!

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Have you already done Disney with your twins? How did it go?

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