When do you start showing with twins?

Joe Rawlinson by Joe Rawlinson - April 17, 2023

So you found out that your partner is expecting twins? When will she start showing? When will you start to notice that baby bump?

First, congratulations, you’re expecting twins!

When can you visibly start to see that your partner is pregnant?

It depends on a lot of factors including the size, height, shape, and physical makeup of your partner.

Do you show faster with twins?

If mom is really small and short, she’s going to show a lot faster and that she’s a larger woman.

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For comparison purposes, in a singleton or one baby pregnancy, mom is going to start showing visibly and start to have that baby bump in the second trimester. So that’s after three to four months of the pregnancy.

With twins, of course, you’re growing two babies, and it’s going to go a lot faster.

How early can you show with twins?

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Mom is going to start showing physical signs of pregnancy with that belly bump towards the end of the first trimester. Definitely before 12 weeks but it could be as early as six to seven weeks, depending on the mother.

I know as a dad, finding out that we were expecting twins was kind of a surreal experience because I only saw them on the ultrasound.

I saw those pictures but when I looked at my wife, she just looked like she did before. It didn’t seem like she was really pregnant.

It took those several weeks until I started to see the bump. And then several weeks after that to start to feel the babies moving.

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Then it really started to become real for me that yes, we would be having twins.

Intellectually, I knew we’d be having twins because I’d gone to the doctor, I’d seen the ultrasound, and I knew the results.

But it wasn’t until I started to see my wife’s body change and see that baby bump, followed later in the pregnancy with feeling the babies moving that everything started to get exciting. I knew that this is really going to be happening.

Do you show sooner with twins?

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If you’re expecting twins, expect that baby bump on mom after six to seven weeks and probably by the end of the first trimester.

Some moms may go longer before you start to see that baby bump. It all depends on your pregnancy, and your partner.

If your partner has had babies before, we may be able to compare and contrast how this pregnancy is going versus the first time that you had children.

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When did you start showing with twins? If mom has already started to show, leave a comment below with how far along in the pregnancy she was before you started to notice that physical change.

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