How Writing will Maintain your Sanity with Twins

Joe Rawlinson by Joe Rawlinson - August 21, 2018

Sometimes when you are burdened with the responsibilities of your twins and your mind is foggy, you may start to feel like you are going crazy.


There is an easy way for some self-therapy.

You need to write.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to start a blog and publish your thoughts publicly if you don’t want to.

When I talk about writing, I mean a personal journal.

From the moment you find out you are having twins, you should start writing.

Your entries don’t have to be long. If you are used to updating your status on Facebook or sending a tweet on Twitter, writing a few lines in a journal shouldn’t be too bad.

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What can you write about?

Anything that comes to mind. For example:

  • things you are grateful for today
  • ways someone else blessed your life today
  • how you feel about your twins
  • something funny your twins said
  • something funny your twins did
  • describe how your other kids interact with your twins
  • your goals for the future with your kids
  • what you worry about
  • what made you smile today
  • a breakthrough you enjoyed today, be it at home or work

Think of your journal as your personal therapist.

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As you record little memories and thoughts from each day, you gain a better perspective of the good things that are actually happening. This will help pull you out of the daily rut you may find yourself in with twins.

As time goes on, you’ll be able to look back at your journal and see details and remember things that you would have otherwise forgotten. Pictures and videos are great, but they don’t always capture your thoughts, feelings, and memories like a journal can.

Start writing today. Just put down a sentence or a few words if that is all the time you have.

Your future you will thank you.

Twin Gender Predictor Calculator

Your twins will one day read their daddy’s journal and thank you too.

Picture by Christa Uymatiao

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