Your Twin Birth Experience Will Be Unique

Joe Rawlinson by Joe Rawlinson - January 29, 2021

Every twin pregnancy has its own unique challenges and yours is no different.

Twin Pregnancy

As I thought about the birth of our twins and the twin births of a few friends, I found more differences than similarities. This pattern likely indicates that your twins’ birth will be different than everyone else’s, too.

Of the five different twin pregnancies I reviewed, each ended distinctly:

  • Near full term pregnancy with both twins delivered vaginally. The babies went home when mom did.
  • Delivery at 33 weeks with an emergency c-section. The premature babies landed in the NICU for about a month.
  • One ended at 36 weeks with a scheduled c-section. The twins went home with mom and dad.
  • Boys delivered at 38 weeks via emergency c-section. One ended up in the NICU for a week while one went home with Mom and Dad.
  • Twins were delivered by emergency c-section at 32 weeks. The boys spent about six weeks in NICUs in two separate hospitals. One twin underwent abdominal surgery.

And these are just examples of twin families we knew personally.

I’ve chatted with dozens of twin dads on my Dad’s Guide to Twins Podcast and there is inevitably always at least a small wrinkle that makes their twin pregnancy and delivery experience distinct from the next guy.

The moral of the story is that you should be ready for whatever comes.

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For example, even though you are planning on natural birth, prepare for a twin c-section.

Even though you are expecting healthy, self-sufficient babies, be ready for twins in the NICU.

The key to surviving any twin pregnancy and delivery is to be flexible.

Your babies will arrive on their timeline and that may not meet your expectations.

If your twins have already arrived, how were they born? Early? Any NICU time? As planned or with some surprises?

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7 thoughts on “Your Twin Birth Experience Will Be Unique”

  1. You, (and some of your readers) know my story, but here goes again.

    My wife’s water broke at 29 weeks and 4 days. Rushed to the hospital, where they help off labor for 3 days, pumping steroids to grow the twins’s lungs. They were born at 30 weeks via c-section.

    Spent some time in the NICU. One twin was in for 5 weeks. His brother was in for 6 due to a hernia found and repaired before they let him leave. The one with less NICU had the same hernia a couple weeks later, when he was at that weight.

    Now, they’re 20 months old, and you would never know they were preemie.

  2. @Tom – thanks for sharing your experience again. It is always reassuring that with the marvels of modern medicine and time, that preemies can turn out just fine.

  3. My twins were born at 30 weeks via an emergency c-section. I never went into labor, but a quick heartbeat check showed that the twins had almost no heartbeat. After 50 days in the NICU we were finally home. I was told that my twin pregnancy was great and was given a less than 5 percent chance of delivering before 34 weeks. I just love to prove people wrong.

  4. my twins were born at 30+4 weeks.. My waters went at 39+3.. I had them both natural, and second twin was also breech being born.. They are currently 10 days old and have been in nicu since birth but getting stronger by the day and one twin is off everything including oxygen so hopefully they won’t be in for ages!! Can’t wait to have them home

  5. My twins were born at 37 weeks. I was able to deliver naturally and my sweet girls luckily were able to go home with me two days later . They were born five minutes apart and I did not have to deliver in an OR and my mom and husband were able to be with me. After their birth my blood pressure went crazy and I was on magnesium and medication for two days. They are now 2 1/2 and wild lil ladies.


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